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As the rising quantity of video reminiscence Nvidia. The first a part of the NV1 from Nvidia to GeForce 8800 Ultra

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This 12 months marks the 25th anniversary of the discharge of the primary 3-D accelerator Nvidia – Nvidia NV1/STG2000. This is a brilliant time within the box of microelectronics and top applied sciences and now, 25 years later, Nvidia stands firmly on his ft and is a pace-setter within the building of graphics processors.


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Let us bear in mind which method handed her card over the past 25 years, except their time of liberate and the rise in VRAM. Because the reminiscence is the primary indicator of relevance of a video card. It would appear, best the day before today video games lacking two gigabytes and eight gigabytes as of late be the minimal for gaming at 1080p.

Recent years, the necessities for video reminiscence has higher dramatically because of the advent of latest symbol codecs: QHD (2560 × 1440), 4K (3840 × 2160), and the an increasing number of in style broad codecs with a side ratio of 21:9.


It all began 25 years in the past with a modest answer of as much as 640×480 and 16 bit colour.

The first graphics playing cards Nvidia – Nvidia NV1/STG2000, which is offered below the title Diamond Edge 3-D, had on Board 2 or 4 MB RAM sort EDO/VRAM. Interestingly, he operated isn’t same old triangles and quadrilaterals within the drawing of surfaces.



The following graphics card – RIVA 128, launched in 1997, had onboard 4 MB of reminiscence, and an progressed model, the RIVA 128 ZX, it is 8 MB.

The in style RIVA TNT in 1998 he won 8 and 16 MB reminiscence sort SDR/SG, and RIVA TNT2 – 16 and 32 MB.

In 1999 seems the primary “GeForce” – GeForce 256supplied with 32 or 64 MB of reminiscence two varieties, SDR and DDR.

Mega in style line of GeForce2, from the finances MX and as much as the highest ULTRA, in 2000 and 2001 used the 32 and 64 MB of reminiscence.

Memory 32 and 64 MB see the primary of its “stagnation” from 1999 to 2001. The efficiency of GPUs grew all of a sudden, however the reminiscence for the lets in on the time, 800×600 and 1024×768 – rather sufficient.

GeForce3, launched in early 2001, was once supplied with 64 and 128 MB. Remember this determine is 128 MB, that quantity of VRAM was once sufficient for a couple of years, even for a GeForce 6600GT, which was once launched in 2004.

Extensive line of GeForce4, which is composed of 13(!) graphics playing cards price 64 and 128 MB.

But within the line of GeForce FX, launched in 2003, the common quantity of RAM was once higher to 256 MB. This line was once an enchanting a part of the graphics playing cards at the PCI-E.


In the ones years the rate of PCI-E may be very spectacular or even made forecasts that the desire for capacious and speedy reminiscence will disappear and the video card will take knowledge without delay from RAM.

Line of graphics playing cards GeForce 6, launched in 2004-2005, took a brand new report of 512 MB. Moreover, this quantity was once supplied with as top-end GeForce 6800 Ultra with speedy GDDR3 video reminiscence, and the finances GeForce 6200 AGP below the bus and DDR reminiscence.

In the ones far away years such large quantities of reminiscence are nearly no longer concerned within the video games and the gross sales hit the ones years, GeForce 6600GT, even in a model with 128 MB, completely “pulled” information: Half-Life 2, Far Cry and Doom 3.

But pageant within the graphics marketplace then was once so top that the highest fashions needed to be greater than the competitor, all – frequency chip, the collection of pixel pipelines, and naturally, the quantity of video reminiscence.

A just right vary of graphics playing cards GeForce 7, launched in 2006-2007, remained throughout the 512 MB of GDDR3 video reminiscence, which is sufficient even for the GeForce 7900 GTX.

But was once this sequence of attention-grabbing graphics card GeForce 7950 GX2is composed of two G71 chips, mixed into Nvidia SLI. This card bore 2*512 MB of video reminiscence. But, because the reminiscence in SLI isn’t added, name it the primary graphics card with 1GB of video reminiscence is inconceivable.

Released in 2007 the graphics playing cards GeForce 8 was once in reality innovative. She introduced era unified Shader processors, which in changed shape remains to be in use as of late.

The efficiency build up within the new line was once large, as much as 40%, which required upper volumes of video reminiscence. The top-end GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 Ultra had 768 MB of reminiscence, some fashions of GeForce 8800 GT was once supplied with an entire Gigabyte of GDDR3 video reminiscence.

So, for some 12 years, the quantity of video reminiscence from Nvidia has higher from 2 MB to 1 GB, or 512 instances!

In the second one a part of the weblog I will be able to inform in regards to the build up of VRAM from Nvidia with for GeForce 9 and to the current day.

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