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Server business NVIDIA not afraid of a trade war US-China

At the last quarterly conference , the head of NVIDIA spoke much and in detail about what are the prospects for the company in light of market accelerators computing architecture Ampere. Not once did he hinted at the possibility of entering the gaming graphics solutions this generation. The only attempt of analysts to talk to him on the subject led to the fact that the CEO of NVIDIA has expressed readiness again to speak before an audience with his cuisine, if required by the epidemiological situation.

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Image source: YouTube, NVIDIA


When asked about the possible impact of the new phase of the “trade war” between the US and China in the business of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang Jen-Hsun Huang) kindly explained that tensions in the sphere of foreign trade between the two countries persists for more than a year, and is not for the company a surprise. If we talk about computer systems in China, most of them built on the same Chinese components, as explained by the head of NVIDIA, so the company’s business, further escalation of the conflict, particular changes are not threatened.