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0x803f8001 error comes in my download

Error: 0x803F8001

Hi HyperOwl26,

A misconfigured system file is one of the possible reasons why you are having the error code 0x803F8001 with the application that you are using. For us to assist you better, kindly answer the questions below:

  • Have you made any changes to your computer prior to this issue?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you done so far?
  • Which version and OS build number of Windows 10 is currently installed? To check, press the
    Windows key, type winver, and press the
  • Do you have a third-party security software installed?
  • Have you tried opening other applications and check if the issue persists?

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you download and run the
Windows App troubleshooter
and check if it helps.

We’ll be looking forward to your reply.