1811 Dictionary in the Vulgar Tongue: Section D

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Francis Grose

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

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DAB. An adept; a dab at any feat or workout. Dab,
  quoth Dawkins, when he hit his spouse at the a-se with a
  pound of butter.

DACE. Two pence. Tip me a dace; lend me two pence.

DADDLES. Arms. Tip us your daddle; give me your hand.

DADDY. Father. Previous daddy; a well-known deal with to an outdated
  guy. To overcome daddy mammy; the primary rudiments of
  drum beating, being the weather of the roll.

DAGGERS. They’re at daggers drawing; i.e. at enmity,
  in a position to struggle.

DAIRY. A lady’s breasts, specifically one that provides
  suck. She sported her dairy; she pulled out her breast.

DAISY CUTTER. A jockey time period for a horse that doesn’t
  carry up his legs sufficiently, or is going too close to the bottom,
  and is due to this fact apt to stumble.

DAISY KICKERS. Ostlers at nice hotels.

DAM. A small Indian coin, discussed within the Gentoo code of rules: therefore etymologists might, in the event that they please, derive the average expression, I don’t care a dam, i.e. I don’t care part a farthing for it.

DAMBER. A rascal. See DIMBER.

DAMME BOY. A roaring, mad, blustering fellow, a scourer of the streets, or kicker up of a breeze.

DAMNED SOUL. A clerk in a counting residence, whose sole trade it’s to transparent or swear off products on the custom-house; and who, it’s stated, guards in opposition to the crime of perjury, via taking a prior oath, by no means to swear in reality on the ones events.

DAMPER. A luncheon, or snap prior to dinner: so known as from its damping, or allaying, the urge for food; consuming and ingesting, being, because the proverb correctly observes, apt to remove the urge for food.


DANCERS. Stairs.

DANDY. That is the dandy; i.e. the ton, the artful factor;
  an expression of identical import to “That is the barber.”

DANDY GREY RUSSET. A filthy brown. His coat’s dandy
  gray russet, the color of the Satan’s nutting bag.

DANDY PRAT. A trifling or trifling fellow.

To DANGLE. To observe a lady with out asking the query. Additionally, to be hanged: I shall see you cling within the sheriff’s image body; I shall see you putting at the gallows.

DANGLER. Person who follows ladies basically, with none specific attachment

DAPPER FELLOW. A wise, well-made, little guy.


DARBY. Able cash. CANT.

DARK CULLY. A married guy that helps to keep a mistress, whom he visits most effective at evening, for worry of discovery.

DARKEE. A gloomy lanthorn utilized by housebreakers. Stow the darkee, and bolt, the cove of the crib is fly; disguise the darkish lanthorn, and run away, the grasp of the home is aware of that we’re right here.

DARKMANS. The evening. CANT.

DARKMAN’S BUDGE. One who slides right into a residence at midnight of the night, and hides himself, with a view to let probably the most gang in at evening to rob it.

DART. A straight-armed blow in boxing.

DASH. A tavern drawer. To chop a touch: to make a determine.

DAVID JONES. The satan, the spirit of the ocean: known as
  Necken within the north nations, akin to Norway, Denmark,
  and Sweden.


DAVID’S SOW. As under the influence of alcohol as David’s sow; a commonplace pronouncing, which took its upward push from the next circumstance: One David Lloyd, a Welchman, who stored an alehouse at Hereford, had a dwelling sow with six legs, which was once very much resorted to via the curious; he had additionally a spouse a lot hooked on drunkenness, for which he used infrequently to present her due correction. Someday David’s spouse having taken a cup an excessive amount of, and being afraid of the results, became out the sow, and lay right down to sleep herself sober within the stye. An organization coming in to look the sow, David ushered them into the stye, exclaiming, there’s a sow for you! did any of you ever see such any other? all of the whilst supposing the sow had actually been there; to which probably the most corporate, seeing the state the girl was once in, spoke back, it was once the drunkenest sow that they had ever beheld; whence the girl was once ever after known as David’s sow.

DAVY. I will take my davy of it; vulgar abbreviation of affidavit.

TO DAWB. To bribe. The cull was once scragged as a result of he may just now not dawb; the rogue was once hanged as a result of he may just now not bribe. All bedawbed with lace; all over the place lace.

DAY LIGHTS. Eyes. To darken his day lighting fixtures, or sow up
  his sees; to near up a person’s eyes in boxing.

DEAD CARGO. A time period utilized by thieves, when they’re
  dissatisfied within the price in their booty.

DEAD HORSE. To paintings for the useless horse; to paintings for
  wages already paid.

DEAD-LOUSE. Vulgar pronunciation of the Dedalus send of

DEAD MEN. A cant phrase amongst journeymen bakers, for
  loaves falsely charged to their masters’ consumers; additionally
  empty bottles.

DEADLY NEVERGREEN, that bears fruit all of the 12 months spherical.
  The gallows, or three-legged mare. See THREE-LEGGED

DEAR JOYS. Irishmen: from their incessantly making use
  of that expression.

DEATH HUNTER. An undertaker, one who furnishes the
  vital articles for funerals. See CARRION HUNTER.

DEATH’S HEAD UPON A MOP-STICK. A deficient depressing,
  emaciated fellow; one reasonably an otomy. See OTOMY.—He
  regarded as delightful as the rigors of dying.

DEEP-ONE. A radical-paced rogue, a sly designing
  fellow: towards a shallow or silly one.

DEFT FELLOW. A neat little guy.

DEGEN, or DAGEN. A sword. Nim the degen; scouse borrow the sword. Dagen is Dutch for a sword. CANT.

DELLS. Younger buxom wenches, ripe and vulnerable to venery, however who’ve now not misplaced their virginity, which the UPRIGHT MAN claims via distinctive feature of his prerogative; and then they turn out to be loose for any of the fraternity. Additionally a commonplace strumpet. CANT.

DEMURE. As demure as an outdated whore at a christening.

DEMY-REP. An abbreviation of demy-reputation; a lady of in doubt persona.

DERBY. To come back down with the derbies; to pay the cash.

DERRICK. The identify of the finisher of the regulation, or hangman in regards to the 12 months 1608.—’For he rides his circuit with the Satan, and Derrick should be his host, and Tiburne the inne at which he’ll lighte.’ Vide Bellman of London, in artwork. PRIGGIN LAW.—’On the gallows, the place I go away them, as to the haven at which they should all forged anchor, if Derrick’s cables do however grasp.’ Ibid.

DEVIL. A printer’s errand-boy. Additionally a small thread within the king’s ropes and cables, wherein they could also be outstanding from all others. The Satan himself; a small streak of blue thread within the king’s sails. The Satan might dance in his pocket; i.e. he has no cash: the go on our historical cash being jocularly intended to forestall him from visiting that position, for worry, as it’s stated, of breaking his shins in opposition to it. To carry a candle to the Satan; to be civil to any one out of worry: in allusion to the tale of the outdated lady, who set a wax taper prior to the picture of St. Michael, and any other prior to the Satan, whom that saint is often represented as trampling beneath his toes: being reproved for paying such honour to Devil, she replied, because it was once unsure which position she must pass to, heaven or hell, she selected to safe a pal in each puts. That can be when the Satan is blind, and he has now not were given sore eyes but; stated of any factor not going to occur. It rains while the solar shines, the Satan is thrashing his spouse with a shoulder of mutton: this phenomenon could also be stated to indicate that cuckolds are going to heaven; on being knowledgeable of this, a loving spouse cried out with nice vehemence, ‘Run, husband, run!’

  The Satan was once ill, the Satan a monk can be;
  The Satan was once effectively, the Satan a monk was once he.

a proverb signifying that we’re apt to put out of your mind guarantees made in time of misery. To drag the Satan via the tail, to be diminished to one’s shifts. The Satan pass with you and sixpence, after which you are going to have each cash and corporate.

DEVIL. The gizzard of a turkey or chicken, scored, peppered, salted and broiled: it derives its appellation from being scorching within the mouth.

DEVIL’S BOOKS. Playing cards.


DEVIL’S DAUGHTER. It’s stated of one who has a termagant
  for his spouse, that he has married the Satan’s daughter, and
  lives with the outdated other people.


Deal, Dover, and Harwich,
  The Satan gave together with his daughter in marriage;
  And, via a codicil to his will,
  He added Helvoet and the Brill;

a pronouncing occasioned via the shameful impositions practised via the population of the ones puts, on sailors and travellers.

DEVIL DRAWER. A depressing painter.

DEVIL’S DUNG. Assafoetida.

DEVIL’S GUTS. A surveyor’s chain: so known as via farmers, who don’t like their land must be measured via their landlords.

DEVILISH. Very: an epithet which within the English vulgar language is made to trust each high quality or factor; as, devilish dangerous, devilish excellent; devilish ill, devilish effectively; devilish candy, devilish bitter; devilish scorching, devilish chilly, &c. &c.

DEUSEA VILLE. The rustic. Cant.

DEUSEA VILLE STAMPERS. Nation carriers. Cant.

DEW BEATERS. Toes. Cant.

DEWS WINS, or DEUX WINS. Two-pence. Cant.

DEWITTED. Torn to items via a mob, as that fab statesman
  John de Wit was once in Holland, anno 1672.

DIAL PLATE. The face. To change his dial plate; to
  disfigure his face.

DICE. The names of false cube:
  A bale of bard cinque deuces
  A bale of flat cinque deuces
  A bale of flat sice aces
  A bale of bard cater traes
  A bale of flat cater traes
  A bale of fulhams
  A bale of sunshine graniers
  A bale of langrets opposite to the ventage
  A bale of gordes, with as many highmen as lowmen,
   for passage
  A bale of demies
  A bale of lengthy cube for even and unusual
  A bale of bristles
  A bale of direct contraries.

DICK. That came about within the reign of queen Dick, i. e.
  by no means: stated of any absurd outdated tale. I’m as queer as
  Dick’s hatband; this is, out of spirits, or do not know what
  ails me.

DICKY. A lady’s under-petticoat. It is all Dicky with
  him; i.e. it is all over the place with him.

DICKED IN THE NOB. Foolish. Crazed.

DICKEY. A sham blouse.

DICKEY. An ass. Roll your dickey; power your ass. Additionally
  a seat for servants to sit down at the back of a carriage, when their
  grasp drives.

TO DIDDLE. To cheat. To defraud. The cull diddled
  me out of my dearee; the guy robbed me of my sweetheart.
  See Jeremy Diddler In Elevating The Wind.

DIDDEYS. A lady’s breasts or bubbies.


DIGGERS. Spurs. Cant.

DILBERRIES. Small items of excrement adhering to the hairs close to the fundament.

DILBERRY MAKER. The fundament.

DILDO. [From the Italian DILETTO, q. d. a woman’s delight;
  or from our word DALLY, q. d. a thing to play withal.]
  Penis-succedaneus, known as in Lombardy Passo Pace. Bailey.

DILIGENT. Double diligent, just like the Satan’s apothecary;
  stated of one affectedly diligent.

DILLY. (An abbreviation of the phrase DILIGENCE.) A public voiture or level, often a submit chaise, sporting three individuals; the identify is taken from the general public level automobiles in France and Flanders. The dillies first started to run in England in regards to the 12 months 1779.

DIMBER. Beautiful. A dimber cove; a gorgeous fellow. Dimber mort; a gorgeous wench. CANT.

DIMBER DAMBER. A best guy, or prince, a few of the canting workforce: additionally the manager rogue of the group, or the completest cheat. CANT.

DING. To knock down. To ding it in one’s ears; to reproach or inform one one thing one isn’t desirous of listening to. Additionally to throw away or disguise: thus a highwayman who throws away or hides any factor with which he robbed, to forestall being recognized or detected, is, within the canting lingo, styled a Dinger.

DING BOY. A rogue, a hector, a bully, or sharper. CANT.

DING DONG. Helter skelter, in a hasty disorderly way.

DINGEY CHRISTIAN. A mulatto; or any one who has, because the
  West-Indian time period is, a lick of the tar-brush, this is, some
  negro blood in him.

DINING ROOM POST. A method of stealing in homes that allow lodgings, via rogues pretending to be postmen, who ship up sham letters to the lodgers, and, while ready within the access for the postage, pass into the primary room they see open, and rob it.

DIP. To dip for a wig. Previously, in Heart Row, Holborn, wigs of various varieties have been, it’s stated, put right into a close-stool field, into which, for three-pence, any one would possibly dip, or thrust in his hand, and take out the primary wig he laid grasp of; if he was once disenchanted together with his prize, he would possibly, on paying three halfpence, go back it and dip once more.

THE DIP. A prepare dinner’s store, beneath Furnival’s Inn, the place many attornies clerks, and different inferior limbs of the regulation, take out the wrinkles from their bellies. DIP could also be a punning identify for a tallow-chandler.

DIPPERS. Anabaptists.

DIPT. Pawned or mortgaged.

DIRTY PUZZLE. An uncongenial slut.

DISGUISED. Inebriated.

DISGRUNTLED. Angry, disobliged.

DISHED UP. He’s totally dished up; he’s completely ruined.
  To throw a factor in one’s dish; to reproach or twit one with
  any specific subject.

DISHCLOUT. A filthy, greasy lady. He has made a serviette of his dishclout; a pronouncing of one who has married his prepare dinner maid. To pin a dishclout to a person’s tail; a punishment incessantly threatened via the feminine servants in a kitchen, to a person who pries too minutely into the secrets and techniques of that position.

DISMAL DITTY. The psalm sung via the felons on the gallows,
  simply prior to they’re became off.

DISPATCHES. A mittimus, or justice of the peace’s warrant,
  for the dedication of a rogue.

DITTO. A swimsuit of ditto; coat, waistcoat, and breeches, all
  of one color.

DISPATCHERS. Loaded or false cube.

DISTRACTED DIVISION. Husband and spouse combating.

DIVE. To dive; to pick out a pocket. To dive for a dinner; to head down right into a cellar to dinner. A dive, is a thief who stands in a position to obtain items thrown out to him via slightly boy installed at a window. Cant.

DIVER. A pickpocket; additionally one who lives in a cellar.

DIVIDE. To divide the home with one’s spouse; to present her the outdoor, and to stay all of the within to one’s self, i.e. to show her into the road.

DO. To do any one; to rob and cheat him. I’ve completed him; I’ve robbed him. Additionally to triumph over in a boxing fit: witness the ones laconic traces written at the box of struggle, via Humphreys to his patron.—’Sir, I’ve completed the Jew.’

TO DO OVER. Carries the similar that means, however isn’t so in short expressed: the previous having gained the polish of the current occasions.

DOASH. A cloak. Cant.

DOBIN RIG. Stealing ribbands from haberdashers early within the morning or past due at evening; normally practised via ladies within the hide of maid servants.

TO DOCK. To lie with a lady. The cull docked the dell all of the darkmans; the guy laid with the wench all evening. Docked smack clean; one who has suffered an amputation of his penis from a venereal grievance. He should pass into dock; a sea word, signifying that the individual spoken of should go through a salivation. Docking could also be a punishment inflicted via sailors at the prostitutes who’ve inflamed them with the venereal illness; it is composed in reducing off all their garments, petticoats, shift and all, as regards to their remains, after which turning them into the road.

DOCTOR. Milk and water, with slightly rum, and a few nutmeg; additionally the identify of a composition utilized by distillers, to make spirits seem more potent than they actually are, or, of their word, higher evidence.

DOCTORS. Loaded cube, that can run however two or three probabilities. They put the docs upon him; they cheated him with loaded cube.

DODSEY. A lady: in all probability a corruption of Doxey. CANT.

DOG BUFFERS. Canine stealers, who kill the ones canines now not
  marketed for, promote their skins, and feed the rest canines
  with their flesh.

DOG IN A DOUBLET. A bold, resolute fellow. In
  Germany and Flanders the boldest canines used to seek the boar,
  having a type of buff doublet buttoned on their our bodies,
  Rubens has represented a number of so provided, so has Sneyders.

DOG. An outdated canine at it; knowledgeable or aware of any factor. Canine in a manger; one who would save you any other from playing what he himself does now not need: an allusion to the well known fantasy. The canines have now not dined; a commonplace pronouncing to any one whose blouse hangs out at the back of. To canine, or dodge; to observe at a distance. To blush like a blue canine, i.e. certainly not. To stroll the black canine on any one; a punishment inflicted within the evening on a recent prisoner, via his comrades, in case of his refusal to pay the standard footing or garnish.

DOG LATIN. Barbarous Latin, akin to was once previously utilized by the attorneys of their pleadings.

DOG’S PORTION. A lick and a scent. He is available in for just a canine’s portion; a pronouncing of one who’s a far off admirer or dangler after ladies. See DANGLER.

DOG’S RIG. To copulate until you’re drained, after which flip tail to it.

DOG’S SOUP. Rain water.

DOG VANE. A cockade. SEA TERM.

DOGGED. Surly.

  Jocular techniques of calling a lady a complain.

DOLL. Bartholomew doll; a tawdry, over-drest lady,
  like one of the kids’s dolls at Bartholomew honest. To
  mill doll; to overcome hemp at Bridewell, or another residence
  of correction.

DOLLY. A Yorkshire dolly; a contrivance for laundry, via
  method of a type of wheel mounted in a bath, which being became
  about, agitates and cleanses the linen put into it, with
  cleaning soap and water.

DOMINE DO LITTLE. An impotent outdated fellow.

DOMINEER. To reprove or command in an insolent or
  haughty way. Do not suppose as the way you shall domineer
  right here.

DOMMERER. A beggar pretending that his tongue has been
  cutout via the Algerines, or merciless and blood-thirsty Turks,
  or else that he yas born deaf and dumb. Cant.

DONE, or DONE OVER. Robbed: additionally, convicted or hanged.
  Cant.—See DO.

DONE UP. Ruined via gaming and extravagances. Trendy
  Time period.

DONKEY, DONKEY DICK. A he, or jack ass: known as donkey,
  in all probability, from the Spanish or don-like gravity of
  that animal, intitled additionally the king of Spain’s trumpeter.

DOODLE. A foolish fellow, or noodle: see NOODLE. Additionally a kid’s penis. Doodle doo, or Cock a doodle doo; a infantile appellation for a cock, in imitation of its notice when crowing.

DOODLE SACK. A bagpipe. Dutch.—Additionally the personal portions of a lady.

DOPEY. A beggar’s trull.

DOT AND GO ONE. To waddle: normally implemented to individuals who’ve one leg shorter than the opposite, and who, as the ocean word is, pass upon an asymmetric keel. Additionally a jeering appellation for an inferior writing-master, or trainer of mathematics.

DOUBLE. To tip any one the double; to run away in his or her debt.

DOUBLE JUGG. A person’s bottom. Cotton’s Virgil.

DOVE-TAIL. A species of standard resolution, which goes into the topic, just like the contrivance whence it takes its identify: Ex. Who owns this? The dovetail is, No longer you via your asking.

DOUGLAS. Roby Douglas, with one eye and a stinking breath; the breech. Sea wit.

DOWDY. A rough, vulgar-looking lady.

DOWN HILLS. Cube that run low.

DOWN. Acutely aware of a factor. Understanding it. There may be NO DOWN. A cant word utilized by house-breakers to indicate that the individuals belonging to any residence don’t seem to be on their guard, or that they’re rapid asleep, and feature now not heard any noise to alarm them.

TO DOWSE. To take down: as, Dowse the pendant. Dowse your canine vane; take the cockade from your hat. Dowse the glim; put out the candle.

DOWSE ON THE CHOPS. A blow within the face.

DOWSER. Vulgar pronunciation of DOUCEUR.

DOXIES. She beggars, wenches, whores.

DRAB. An uncongenial, sluttish whore.

DRAG. To head at the drag; to observe a cart or waggon, with a view to rob it. CANT.

DRAG LAY. Ready within the streets to rob carts or waggons.

DRAGGLETAIL or DAGGLETAIL. One whose clothes are bespattered with dag or dew: normally implemented to the feminine intercourse, to indicate a slattern.

DRAGOONING IT. A person who occupies two branches of one occupation, is claimed to dragoon it; as a result of, just like the soldier of that denomination, he serves in a double capability. Such is a health care provider who furnishes the medications, and compounds his personal prescriptions.

DRAIN. Gin: so known as from the diuretic qualities imputed to that liquor.

DRAM. A pitcher or small measure of any spirituous liquors, which, being at first bought via apothecaries, have been estimated via drams, oz, &c. Canine’s dram; to spit in his mouth, and clap his again.

DRAM-A-TICK. A dram served upon credit score.

DRAPER. An ale draper; an alehouse keeper.

  or false invoice of change. See ALDGATE.

DRAW LATCHES. Robbers of homes whose doorways are
  most effective fixed with latches. CANT.

TO DRAW. To take any factor from a pocket. To attract a
  swell of a clout. To pick out a gentleman’s pocket of a
  handkerchief. To attract the lengthy bow; to inform lies.

DRAWERS. Stockings. CANT.


TO DRESS. To overcome. I will get dressed his disguise smartly; I will beat him soundly.

DRIBBLE. One way of pouring out, because it have been, the cube from the field, gently, wherein an outdated practitioner is enabled to cog one of them together with his fore-finger.

DRIPPER. A gleet.

DROMEDARY. A heavy, bungling thief or rogue. A pink
  dromedary; a bungler within the artwork and thriller of thieving.


DROP. The brand new drop; a contrivance for executing felons at
  Newgate, by the use of a platform, which drops from
  beneath them: that is often known as the ultimate drop. See LEAF.

DROP A COG. To let fall, with design, a work of gold or
  silver, with a view to attract and cheat the one that sees
  it picked up; the piece so dropped is known as a dropt cog.

DROP IN THE EYE. Virtually under the influence of alcohol.

DROPPING MEMBER. A person’s backyard with a gonorrhoea.

DROP COVES. Individuals who observe the fraud of shedding a hoop or different article, and choosing it up prior to the individual supposed to be defrauded, they faux that the item may be very precious to urge their gull to lend them cash, or to buy the item. See FAWNY RIG, and MONEY DROPPERS.

TO DROP DOWN. To be dispirited. This expression is utilized by thieves to indicate that their better half didn’t die recreation, because the kiddy dropped down when he went to be twisted; the younger fellow was once very low spirited when he walked out to be hanged.

TO DRUB. To overcome any one with a stick, or rope’s finish: in all probability a contraction of DRY RUB. It’s also used to indicate a excellent beating with any tool.

DRUMMER. A jockey time period for a horse that throws about his fore legs irregularly: the speculation is taken from a kettle drummer, who in beating makes many prospers together with his drumsticks.

DRUNK. Inebriated as a wheel-barrow. Inebriated as David’s sow. See DAVID’S SOW.

DRURY LANE AGUE. The venereal dysfunction.

DRURY LANE VESTAL. A lady of the city, or prostitute;
  Drury-lane and its environs have been previously the place of dwelling
  of lots of the ones women.

DRY BOB. A wise repartee: additionally copulation with out
  emission; in regulation Latin, siccus robertulus.

DRY BOOTS. A sly funny fellow.

DUB. A picklock, or master-key. CANT.

DUB LAY. Robbing homes via choosing the locks.

DUB THE JIGGER. Open the door. CANT.

DUB O’ TH’ HICK. A lick at the head.

DUBBER. A picker of locks. CANT.

DUCE. Two-pence.

DUCK. A lame duck; an Alternate-alley word for a
  stock-jobber, who both can not or is not going to pay his losses,
  or, variations, by which case he’s stated to WADDLE OUT OF
  THE ALLEY, as he can not seem there once more until his money owed
  are settled and paid; must he try it, he can be
  hustled out via the fraternity.

DUCKS AND DRAKES. To make geese and drakes: a
  school-boy’s amusement, practised with items of tile,
  oyster-shells, or flattish stones, which being skimmed
  alongside the outside of a pond, or nonetheless river, rebound many
  occasions. To make geese and drakes of one’s cash; to
  throw it idly away.

DUCK F-CK-R. The person who has the care of the poultry
  on board a boat of struggle.

DUCK LEGS. Quick legs.

DUDDERS, or WHISPERING DUDDERS. Cheats who trip the rustic, pretending to promote smuggled items: they accost their supposed dupes in a whisper. The products they’ve on the market are outdated shop-keepers, or broken; bought via them of huge manufactories. See DUFFER.

DUDDERING RAKE. A thundering rake, a greenback of the primary head, one extraordinarily lewd.


DUDS. Garments.

DUFFERS. Cheats who ply in several portions of the city, specifically about Water-lane, reverse St. Clement’s church, within the Strand, and faux to deal in smuggled items, preventing all nation folks, or akin to they believe they may be able to impose on; which they incessantly do, via promoting them Spital-fields items at double their present value.

DUGS. A lady’s breasts,

DUKE, or RUM DUKE. A queer unaccountable fellow.

DUKE OF LIMBS. A tall, awkward, ill-made fellow.

DUKE HUMPHREY. To dine with Duke Humphrey; to rapid. In outdated St. Paul’s church was once an aisle known as Duke Humphrey’s stroll (from a tomb vulgarly known as his, however in fact belonging to John of Gaunt), and individuals who walked there, whilst others have been at dinner, have been stated to dine with Duke Humphrey.

DULL SWIFT. A silly, gradual fellow, one lengthy occurring an errand.

DUMB ARM. A lame arm.

DUMB-FOUNDED. Silenced, additionally soundly overwhelmed.

DUMB GLUTTON. A lady’s privities.

DUMB WATCH. A venereal bubo within the groin.

DUMMEE. A pocket ebook. A dummee hunter. A pick-pocket, who lurks about to scouse borrow pocket books out of gents’s wallet. Frisk the dummee of the displays; take all of the financial institution notes out of the pocket ebook, ding the dummee, and bolt, they sing out red meat. Throw away the pocket ebook, and run off, as they name out “forestall thief.”

DUMPLIN. A brief thick guy or lady. Norfolk dumplin; a jeering appellation of a Norfolk guy, dumplins being a favorite more or less meals in that county.

DUMPS. Down within the dumps; low-spirited, despair: jocularly stated to be derived from Dumpos, a king of Egypt, who died of despair. Dumps also are small items of lead, forged via schoolboys within the form of cash.

DUN. An importunate creditor. Dunny, within the provincial dialect of a number of counties, indicates DEAF; to dun, then, in all probability might imply to deafen with importunate calls for: some derive it from the phrase DONNEZ, which indicates GIVE. However the actual unique that means of the phrase, owes its delivery to one Joe Dun, a well-known bailiff of the city of Lincoln, so extraordinarily lively, and so dexterous in his trade, that it turned into a proverb, when a person refused to pay, Why don’t you DUN him? this is, Why don’t you put Dun to attest him? Therefore it turned into a cant phrase, and is now as outdated as for the reason that days of Henry VII. Dun was once additionally the overall identify for the hangman, prior to that of Jack Ketch.

 And at the moment a halter were given,
      Product of the most productive robust hempen teer,
      And ere a cat may just lick her ear,
      Had tied it up with as a lot artwork,
      As DUN himself may just do for’s middle.

Cotton’s Virgil Trav. ebook iv.

DUNAKER. A stealer of cows and calves.

DUNEGAN. A privy. A water closet.

DUNGHILL. A coward: a cockpit word, all however gamecocks being styled dunghills. To die dunghill; to repent, or shew any indicators of contrition on the gallows. Shifting dunghill; a filthy, filthy guy or lady. Dung, an abbreviation of dunghill, additionally method a journeyman taylor who submits to the regulation for regulating journeymen taylors’ wages, due to this fact deemed via the flints a coward. See FLINTS.


TO DUP. To open a door: a contraction of DO OPE or OPEN.
  See DUB.

DURHAM MAN. Knocker kneed, he grinds mustard with
  his knees: Durham is legendary for its mustard.

DUST. Cash. Down together with your mud; deposit the cash.
  To lift or kick up a dirt; to make a disturbance or rebel:
  see BREEZE. Mud it away; drink about.

DUSTMAN. A useless guy: your father is a dustman.

DUTCH COMFORT. Thank God it’s no worse.

DUTCH CONCERT. The place each one performs or indicators a
  other song.

DUTCH FEAST. The place the entertainer will get under the influence of alcohol prior to
  his visitor.

DUTCH RECKONING, or ALLE-MAL. A verbal or lump
  account, with out details, as introduced at spungiug or
  bawdy homes.

DUTCHESS. A lady loved along with her pattens on, or via a
  man-in boots, is claimed to be made a dutchess.

DIE HARD, or GAME. To die exhausting, is to shew no indicators of
  worry or contrition on the gallows; to not whiddle or squeak.
  This recommendation is incessantly given to felons going to endure the
  regulation, via their outdated comrades, frightened for the consideration of the

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