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3 Million Members Celebration! 300 FREE VIP packages to win worth ~3000 Euro / ~3000 USD!


Thanks @Kanade for this awesome picture!

Wow, hard to find words here guys…
Platinmods opened its doors 2022, after a tough start during the first year, 5 years later we are still here! Better, bigger and stronger then ever before!
So many people share them time with us, so many people visit us daily. It makes us proud to be a part of your daily life!
And we are not planing to leave you guys ever!

:pepe013: Now in 2022, we broke the 3.000.000 (3 million!!!!) registered member mark!!! :pepe013:

You cannot imagine how awesome this feeling is to wake up a morning and see that 3 million people decided to be part of a community which was made out of love for the people some years ago and reached the point that we receive more love then we can give….

You guys deserve a medal for your awesomeness! Sadly, we cannot give out medals, but we can giveout something else instead =)

Enough of the sentimental words, time to celebrate this awesome event with the biggest giveaway we ever had!


You can win 1 of 300 free 1-month VIP memberships we’re giving away, without having to do much for it!

And here is how you can win it:

1. Subscribe at least to one of our socials or if you like to all of them:
Click For Facebook
Click For Instagram
Click For Twitter
Click For Reddit
Click For YouTube

2. Comment under this post your social media name and where you subscribed.
Jon Snow, Facebook subscription done!
@_jonsnow, Twitter subscription done!
u/jonsnow, Reddit subscription done!
_jonsnow, Instagram subscription done!
Jon Snow, YouTube subscription done!

This giveaway will go on until the end of November, means the 30th November 2022 23:59
300 winners will be chosen fair and with proof of the selection until the 04th December 2022 23:59
300 free 1-month VIP packages will be given out to the winners within 48 hours after the selection has been announced.

We wish you the best of luck dear Platinians, we are proud to have you all here!

Rules (sorry, they has to be):

1. User Registration Time Limit:
Only Members which has been registered before the giveaway can be part of this giveaway.
To make it easier, you must be registered before the 14th of November 2022.
This is to avoid people making multiple accounts to have higher win chances.

2. User Participation Limit
Only write one comment!
Only use one account to be part of it!

People breaking the rules having no chance to win, sorry =/