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5+ Most Useful Apps for Mac

Mac is full of useful apps because computers are supposed to help us. Here are the most useful apps for Mac you should know about.

We use our MacBooks for a lot of things. We listen to music, play games, watch videos, and talk to one another on social media. Another use for MacBooks is to make our lives easier. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that can do just that. You use this machine to perform a ton of tasks so why not let it make your life easier? The apps listed below should make your life easier in a variety of specific ways. Here are the most useful apps for Mac!

The most useful apps for Mac


YouTube is one of the most useful apps for Mac. Sure, most use it for music videos or product reviews. However, there is a healthy and huge underbelly of tutorials, lessons, lectures, explainers, and other videos. I once learned about the best YouTube video downloader for Mac on YouTube. There aren’t a ton of things that it doesn’t have. The app is free if you don’t mind advertising. You can pay $9.99 per month to remove ads, enable background play, and download videos for offline viewing. It’s a pretty good deal.


LastPass is a password manager app. There are many of these in App Store and most of them work pretty well. However, we like LastPass because it stays current with macOS updates and improves your security with stronger passwords. The app generates passwords, saves your passwords to various sites, and helps you log in quickly when you need to. It adds a layer of security to your life. The subscription costs are also quite reasonable. There are other really good password manager apps as well. However, we like that LastPass is always among the first to integrate new macOS features quickly so it gets the spot for now.


Shift is definitely one of the most useful apps ever. The app lets you use all your social accounts in one convenient app. Shift offers users an option to link their email accounts right in the setup process of the app. Then the app provides a list of web apps & tools that can be linked to the app. You can hook up Gmail, Slack, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WordPress, LinkedIn, Spotify, Google Docs, and more. The app even allows users to customize options such as the icon color of the apps and prioritize notifications from each app you add. Moreover, the app gives you a choice to separate your work apps into a dedicated section. What sets the app apart is that if your work is mostly on the web or browser you don’t necessarily need to launch another app. Shift offers a basic free tier and a premium tier which could cost you up to $100 a year for advanced features. You can download it right from the Shift website.

VLC Media Player

When it comes to the best video players for Mac, VLC is a clear winner. The app works with a ton of file formats including MPEG, WMV, MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and more. On top of extensive format support, VLC is bundled with cool features such as adjustable playback speeds, subtitle synchronization, and audio/video filters. The app also lets you convert from one file type to another, and it gives you a range of audio and video compression methods for making smaller files out of raw or larger ones. If you download a lot of videos, it’s a no-brainer.

Adobr Reader

As common as PDFs are, it’s not always easy to use them on a Mac. While the need to download a separate software just to read them is a thing of the past, you still need a dedicated tool to fill in fields and sign your digital signature on PDF forms. If you ever need to sign and fill out a PDF document, forget going through the hassle of printing it, signing it, and scanning it back in. Simply use Adobr Reader and be done in no time.


Alfred is one of the most useful apps for Mac. The app is an award-winning productivity app for macOS. Alfred is sort of a replacement for the spotlight search. But there is more to it. With the Alfred app installed on your device, you won’t even require a mouse to navigate your Mac.

With Alfred, users can perform calculations quickly, search for word definitions, find apps, browse files, conduct web searches, control music, email friends, and much more. This app is consistently on the list of best MacBook apps, and for good reason.

Simply hit the command key + spacebar and Alfred will be ready to undertake various tasks. The best thing about this app is you can also assign specific hotkeys for your favorite apps to quickly access them. The app is free to download and nothing is behind a paywall.


Whether you’re an experienced Mac user or someone who has recently left windows for macOS, finding the perfect app for, say, playing videos, organizing workflow or signing a PDF is no easy task. You have a multitude of options, and with the App Store serving up ads in some search results, it’s even more challenging to figure out which apps are the best. Luckily, we’ve created this guide to highlight some of the most useful Mac apps. Download any one of these, and you won’t be disappointed. If we missed any of the most useful apps for Mac, tell us about them in the comments.