A Chainsaw Provides This Winch Some Grunt


For a pleasing Youtube looking at consultation there may be noting like some high quality device store paintings, and that’s precisely what [Made In Poland] provide with their conversion of a small 12V winch to energy from a chainsaw. The completed product incorporates no longer a lot more than the gearbox and shaft parts from the unique, however the mesmerising sight of rusty metal inventory being reworked into dimension-perfect parts which come in combination to shape a wholly new meeting is as all the time a draw.

The conversion begins with the removing and disassembly of the motor to expose its shaft and the locking mechanism for the drum. The shaft is then became down and a collar manufactured to couple it to the force spline on a chainsaw. We’re happy to peer that the chainsaw isn’t changed on this construct, as a substitute the blade is solely unscrewed and the winch connected in a reversible procedure. In any case, the unique drum is deemed too small for the application, so a brand new drum is fabricated. We see the outcome on a Polish farm, fortuitously collaborating in some forestry paintings or even pulling their pickup truck when it turned into caught.

That is on no account the primary time we’ve featured [Mad in Poland] in those pages, no longer least with (*3*)this electromagnetic circle slicing jig.

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