A GPS Frequency Standard For When The Timing Has To Be Right

A metrology geek will move to excessive lengths to make sure that their measurements are the most productive, their tools probably the most correct, and their calibration spot-on. There was once a time when for time-and-frequency geeks this is able to were a troublesome task, however with the appearance of GPS satellites overhead wearing super-accurate atomic clocks it’s strangely simple to be proper on-frequency. [Land-boards] have a GPS 10 MHz clock that’s based totally round a suite of modules.(*10*)

Since many GPS modules have a 10 MHz output one would possibly be expecting that this one to easily hook a socket to the module and feature completed, however as a substitute it makes use of every other in their initiatives, a quick edge pulse generator with the GPS output as its oscillator, as a buffer and sign conditioner. Upload to that an QT Py microcontroller board to arrange the GPS, and there you have got a standalone 10 MHz supply to rival any usual. Complete main points will also be discovered at the challenge’s wiki, and the firmware will also be discovered on GitHub.(*10*)

Cautious together with your exploration of usual frequencies, for that may lead down a rabbit hollow.(*10*)