A Sneak Preview of Our Newest Qwiic Product

Have you ever ever had issues seeking to daisy chain Qwiic-enabled forums with simplest ONE Qwiic connector? Or possibly you wish to have a Qwiic-enabled software that isn’t in the course of a daisy chain? The bright minds from our SparkFun engineering staff have get a hold of an answer via rigorous checking out… introducing the Qwiic MultiStar!

Qwiic MultiStar Preview

Let’s take a sneak height on the fabulous five options of the Qwiic MultiStar!

Qwiic Cord Splicing!

Long gone are the times of splicing in combination wires with a cutter, cord stripper, soldering iron and warmth shrink (even electric tape) to make a connection to forums that simplest have one Qwiic connector.

Qwiic Cable Spliced without MultiStar

Save time by means of chanting the choice of Qwiic cables that you wish to have and throwing the Qwiic MultiStar at a protracted Qwiic cable!

Long Qwiic Cable Breaking into Smaller Qwiic Cables

The Qwiic cable can be divided into smaller Qwiic cables upon touch. You additionally have the ability of disposing of every smaller Qwiic cable from the Qwiic MultiStar. Superb!


Increasing on Forums with One Qwiic Connector!!

Relying at the design, there would possibly simplest be enough space for one Qwiic connector. With the Qwiic MultiStar, you’ll attach those forums comfortably with out the wish to splice wires in combination! Along with chanting the quantity and throwing the board on the cable, remember to even have your Qwiic-enabled units within reach to mechanically attach your undertaking in combination!

Qwiic Cable Connected to Boards Each with One Qwiic Connector

Choices to Daisy Chained Configurations!!!

The Qwiic MultiStar will also be used as a hub in order that you don’t have to put the board with one Qwiic connector on the finish of the daisy chain.

Qwiic Cable Divided with Qwiic MultiStar and Connected to Qwiic Devices

Qwiic Mounting!!!!

Have in mind the leftover PCBs from LilyPad forums that have been thrown up on the ceiling within the earlier SparkFun HQ construction? Or the ones LED throwies from long ago when? We concept it might be a very good to construct on those concepts by means of ensuring the Qwiic MultiStar was once additional pointy to be able to mount your undertaking to the ceiling or wall! Simply remember to put on a couple of protection glasses and make certain that there is no individual within the Qwiic MultiStar’s trail as it is being thrown.


Qwiic Mountain climbing!!!!!

I am nice at dancing however actually dangerous at hiking. Luckly, I had the Qwiic MultiStar with a Qwiic cable to lend a hand.

Stress Testing the MultiStar Throw at a Wall in the Middle of a Flip

Through throwing the Qwiic MultiStar and hooked up Qwiic cable at a wall, any Qwiic cable attached will turn into infinitely more potent. The tensile power is off the charts! As soon as thrown on the floor of a wall, the cable will dangle your weight in an effort to scale partitions!

Attempting to Climb a Wall with the MultiStar and Qwiic Cable

Keep Tuned

We are nonetheless attempting to determine the place the Qwiic MultiStar attracts its powers from to splice Qwiic cables, dangle its form when thrown at a steel wall, and reinforce cable wires. Is it from the facility of the solar? Darkish subject?! Magic from every other measurement?!? Something is evidently – you can love this remarkable product on your subsequent Qwiic undertaking!


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