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ACT Fibernet Offers Netflix Access With Long-Term Plans: Check Here For Details

ACT Fibernet, the Fibre broadband service provider, has joined hands with Netflix. Under this partnership, long-term plan customers of the internet service provider are allowed to access content from OTT player without any extra cost. Notably, this partnership has been announced under the new campaign of the company, where new and existing customers who are using long-term plans will access Netflix Basic. To those unaware, Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream also offer content from Netflix with their expensive plans.

ACT Fibernet Plans With Netflix

According to ACT Fibernet, the Netflix Basic plan access is available with long-term plans in all cities, where it is providing services. The new offer is available for all users and existing customers who want to upgrade to Standard and Premium from Basic plans can do so; however, they have to pay an extra amount. In addition, a customer who is using Netflix is also allowed to switch to the company’s platform by paying the exact amount of the plan.

It is worth noting that ACT Fibernet is providing Netflix access with 54 plans, which are priced at Rs 749, Rs 999, Rs 1,899, Rs 1,085, Rs 1,185, Rs  1,425,  Rs 1,999, Rs 5,999, Rs 820 Rs 1,020, Rs 1,075, Rs 1,125, Rs 1,325 Rs 1,999, Rs 2,999, Rs 825, Rs 1,025, Rs 1,125 Rs 1,325, Rs 1,499, Rs 799, Rs 1,049, Rs 1,349, Rs 1,999, Rs 749, Rs 1,049, Rs 749, Rs 1, 049, Rs 799, Rs 1,075, Rs 1,325, Rs 1,999, Rs 2,499,  Rs 749, Rs  999 Rs 1,249, Rs Rs 699, Rs 999, Rs  749, Rs 999, Rs 1249, Rs 799, Rs 749, Rs 1049, Rs 699, Rs 999, Rs 749, Rs 1,099, Rs 749, Rs 1,049, Rs 799, Rs 1, 049, Rs 1,499, and Rs 799.

Sr.noCityName of the PlanSpeedData (FUP)Price
1AhmedabadACT Advantage Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
2AhmedabadACT Lightning Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data999
3AhmedabadACT Remarkable Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1899
4BangaloreACT Blaze Streaming150 Mbps1500 GB1085
5BangaloreACT Storm Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1185
6BangaloreACT Lightning Streaming400 MbpsUnlimited Data1425
7BangaloreACT Incredible500 MbpsUnlimited Data1999
8BangaloreACT Giga1GbpsUnlimited Data5999
9ChennaiACT Basic Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data820
10ChennaiACT Blaze Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1020
11ChennaiACT Blast Promo Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1075
12ChennaiACT Storm Streaming400 MbpsUnlimited Data1125
13ChennaiACT Lightning Streaming450 MbpsUnlimited Data1325
14ChennaiACT Incredible500 MbpsUnlimited Data1999
15ChennaiACT Giga1GbpsUnlimited Data2999
16CoimbatoreACT Rush Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data825
17CoimbatoreACT Sprint Streaming250 MbpsUnlimited Data1025
18CoimbatoreACT Race Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1125
19CoimbatoreACT Zoom Streaming350 MbpsUnlimited Data1325
20CoimbatoreACT Bolt Streaming400 MbpsUnlimited Data1499
21DelhiACT Silver Promo Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data799
22DelhiACT Platinum Promo Streaming250 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
23DelhiACT Diamond Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1349
24DelhiACT DELGIGA1GbpsUnlimited Data1999
25EluruACT Silver Plus Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
26EluruACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
27GunturGuntur Silver Plus Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
28GunturGuntur Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
29HyderabadACT A-Max 799 Streaming100 MbpsUnlimited Data799
30HyderabadACT A-Max 1075 Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1075
31HyderabadACT A-Max 1325 Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1325
32HyderabadACT A-Max 1999400 MbpsUnlimited Data1999
33HyderabadACT Giga N1GbpsUnlimited Data2499
34JaipurACT Silver Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
35JaipurACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data999
36JaipurACT Platinum Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1249
37KakinadaACT Gold Streaming125 MbpsUnlimited Data699
38KakinadaACT Diamond Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data999
39LucknowACT Silver Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
40LucknowACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data999
41LucknowACT Platinum Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1249
42MaduraiACT Gold Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data799
43NelloreACT Diamond Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
44NelloreACT Platinum Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
45RajahmundryACT Gold Streaming125 MbpsUnlimited Data699
46RajahmundryACT Diamond Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data999
47TirupatiACT Gold Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
48TirupatiACT Diamond Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1099
49VijayawadaACT Silver Plus Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
50VijayawadaACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
51VizagACT Gold Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data799
52VizagACT Diamond Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
53VizagACT Platinum Streaming200 Mbps2000 GB1499
54WarangalACT  Rapid Streaming100 MbpsUnlimited Data799

JioFiber Plans With Netflix Access

JioFiber is providing Netflix access with four plans that are priced at Rs 1,499, Rs 2,499, Rs 3,499, and Rs 8,499. The first plan of Rs 1,499 offers unlimited data, Netflix basic plan access along with other OTT apps for 30 days. The Rs 2,499 offers the Netflix Standard plan with OTT apps for the same period, while Rs 3,499 plan ships with the Netflix Standard plan and 1 Gbps speed. The Rs 8,499 offers a Netflix Premium plan with OTT applications for 30 days.

Airtel Xstream Plans With Netflix Access

Airtel Xstream offers Netflix with only two that are known as Professional and Infinity. These plans are priced at Rs 1,499 and Rs 3,999. The Professional pack offers a Netflix Basic plan, whereas the Infinity pack ships premium access to the Netflix app.