Meta has begun sign-up for its paid “no ads” version of Facebook and Instagram in Europe. The reason behind this move is, again, EU Regulations. Subsequently, to adhere to it, Meta has launched the paid ad-free Instagram and Facebook. The price starts at €9.99 per month if purchased via the web. Currently, this subscription fee covers all the linked accounts and this will change after March 1, 2024.

Ad-free Instagram and Facebook come at a premium

Meta is launching a paid ad-free subscription service for Facebook and Instagram in the EU to comply with new privacy rules. This is the only way for users to avoid ads on these platforms. Europe-based users have begun to notice the pop-ups for ad-free Instagram and Facebook, too.

The fee for an ad-free experience browsing Instagram or Facebook is €9.99 per month when purchased on the web or €12.99 per month if purchased through Google’s or Apple’s app stores. Right now, that subscription fee covers all linked accounts.

However, one-for-all accounts cover is short-lived. Meta will charge an extra fee for each additional linked profile in a subscriber’s Meta Account Center, starting March 1. The fee is €6 per month if purchased directly or €8 per month if purchased through an app store. The ad-free subscription service is only available to users over 18.

You can still use Instagram, and Facebook without paying any fee (with ads)

Meta will continue to offer free access to its Facebook and Instagram products in Europe, with the same experience and ad preference tools as before. It clarified in a blog post, “If you choose to continue to use our products for free, your experience will stay the same.”

The Wall Street Journal report highlighted previously that the company is developing a plan for, especially, teenagers. It will “temporarily” stop showing ads to them in the region.

Similarly, X (formerly, Twitter) had recently unveiled a Premium+ subscription which offers a list of perks, including a blue checkmark and an ad-free experience in the app’s For You and Following feeds. It is priced at $16 per month, compared to Meta’s €9.99 (or, about $10.70) per month.

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