We’ve always talked about how little storage the Nintendo Switch has. But what a lot of you might forget is that, there is a micro SD card slot, and that micro SD card is able to hold and run games. So while Nintendo did cheap out with only 32GB of storage, you can still add plenty of storage for a whole lot less. Right now, you can grab a 1TB SanDisk Micro SD Card – that is certified and licensed for the Nintendo Switch – for only $99. That’s $50 off of the regular price.

This model is actually licensed for the Nintendo Switch, and that does mean it comes with a few different designs. But let’s face it, you won’t see that design all that often. What the licensing really means is that it was designed, tested and approved for Nintendo Switch systems. So that you can run games off of the micro SD card slot, and it won’t slow it down at all. That is super important when talking about micro SD cards actually.

With 1TB of space, you can store approximately 150 games on your Nintendo Switch. That’s an insane amount of storage, and definitely a great option for those that have a lot of games for their Switch. You can pick it up from Amazon today at the link below.

SanDisk Micro SD Card – Amazon

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