Adding An Audio Jack To Classic Headphones Is a Nifty Upgrade

One of the not unusual tactics to junk a couple of headphones is to break the wire. Clearly, the lead may also be repaired, but it surely comes to busting out the soldering iron and may also be tedious when coping with the tiny little covered wires.

It does contain soldering, however preferably, you best must do it as soon as.

(*8*) has some way of coping with the issue in a once-and-done type, by way of (*1*)putting in a feminine audio jack into his antique headphones. The ease is if the cable is broken, it will possibly merely be unplugged and changed with a brand new one, and is usually observed on headphones from corporations like KRK. 

The Mod is modest when carried out to a traditional pair of AKG K141 headphones. The little plastic casing on one earpiece is popped off, and changed with a Three-D-printed model that stoutly holds a feminine TRS jack in position. This will then be soldered as much as the wiring throughout the headphones.

With the whole lot assembled, the headphones can now use an easily-replaceable cable, and one needn’t fear about having to bust out the soldering iron if the lead is broken in long run. It’s a specifically helpful Mod for individuals who use their headphones at the highway, all the time throwing them into backpacks between gigs.

If that’s no longer hardcore sufficient, imagine attaching a headphone jack to an previous 8-track participant for probably the most ridiculous Walkman you’ll be able to consider. For those who’ve been running by yourself moveable audio hacks, make sure to drop us a line!

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