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All games crash for no reason, roblox apex fortnite cod minecraft valorant they all crash.

ROBLOX Crashes on initialization.

Roblox was installed on this newly purchased 9th Gen Core i7 gamer PC, and Minecraft and Fortnite load fine but not Roblox.

Intermittently I can start my PC and Roblox will work. Most of the time it crashes after a few seconds of the load screen.

I have tried everything from removing and re-installing Roblox, the microsoft store, ensuring Windows 10, Chrome and IE were up to date.

I’ve ensured Roblox was an exception on the antivirus and that the firewall was set correctly. I’ve deleted recently stored internet files, reset internet settings, tried different default browsers, and many more ideas proposed by others with similar issues
to no avail.

Does anyone have any other proposals? The Microsoft help chat screen doesn’t seem to work.