Amazing Cultivation Simulator v1.07-P2P

In a global of fantasy and magic, those that aspire to immortality commit their lives to the sacred trail of cultivation. They accumulate round sects, establishments which teach their our bodies, minds and souls to be price everlasting lifestyles. But in go back for such nice energy, you should be keen to protect the stability between excellent and evil — regardless of the associated fee.

Unfortunately, greed is inherent to human nature, so it additionally blinds cultivators. Your grasp didn’t understand till it was once too past due, and the Taiyi Sect burnt to the bottom for his mistake. Your brothers and sisters won’t ever come again, however the Taiyi Sect can nonetheless be reborn from its ashes. Its seeds are scattered round Tiancang, ready so that you can to find them. This is what your grandmaster would have sought after. You should do it for him ─ and for all the ones we sworn to give protection to.

Set within the fictional Tiancang technology, Amazing Cultivation Simulator brings to you the magic of Asian mythology thru a method recreation with sturdy xianxia nuances, a Chinese literary style which is deeply influenced via Taoist and Buddhist ideas, in addition to folklore and conventional wisdom on drugs and martial arts. Its gameplay is encouraged via well-known video games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, in addition to The Legend of Shushan Swordsman and Martial Kingdoms.

As a grandmaster, you’ll convey the Taiyi Sect again to its glory days via coaching new apprentices, accumulating wisdom and extend your area thru trade and political alliances to realize affect over different sects. Also, you should offer protection to other people from supernatural risks reminiscent of dangerous spirits, monsters and enchanted artifacts.


  • Design your personal Cultivation sect from scratch till it turns into an enormous non secular middle.
  • Manage your faculty and scholars so they’re glad and productive for you.
  • Expand your areas and meet new allies to turn into extra tough than different sects.
  • Commerce and have interaction with different NPCs, however watch out – your movements will have an effect on their habits!
  • Keep the stability between excellent and evil.
  • Research and fill your library with increasingly resources of mystic wisdom, martial arts, drugs…
  • Search for probably the most tough relics and artifacts.
  • Hunt evil beasts and demons that wish to wreck the sector you wish to have to give protection to.
  • Live distinctive playthroughs each time: maps are randomly generated for each and every run.
  • Learn about Chinese myths and legends, in addition to non secular traditions which draw from Taoism and Buddhism.



  • Yaoguai Awakening: As Qi energies resurge around the lands, the Yaoguai after all go back to the mortal realm. Enlightened beasts get started cultivation of their very own, yearning an extended lifestyles, however they nonetheless can’t break out the Creed of Heaven or the Heavenly Tribulation.
  • Taoist Animism: Even probably the most base of existences have the danger to score spirituality as they subsist during the mists of time. If lucky sufficient, some would possibly also be enlightened via a grasp and changed into sentient spirits. After obtaining a human frame thru Body Genesis, they’re all set to start out their cultivation.
  • Physical Cultivation: Ancient Yaoguai by no means to turn into enlightened or to meditate at the Creed of Heaven. They domineered the world with their brutal bodily energy. They apply their instincts and burn their very own necessary power to refine their our bodies with nature’s essence, till they are able to even block flying swords and continue to exist the Heavenly Tribulation with mere mortal our bodies.
  • Pet Training: Spiritual pets are particular creatures with mighty paperwork and profound possible. They also are manifestations of the foundations of nature. Learn to coach your sect’s puppy, and feature them serve your wishes.
  • More Plotlines: As the traditional Yaoguai go back, the world of cultivators will witness an unparalleled upheaval that shall spare no creature. But is it a blessing or a curse?
  • Updated Tutorial: In the Yaoguai Uprising replace, we made a whole, step by step instructional to lend a hand new avid gamers be told all of the controls and recreation techniques in order that everybody can revel in the thrill of cultivation.
  • Encyclopedia: All types of pieces, regulations and monsters are recorded right here. You can mirror in your adventure and likewise await new adventures.

  • Beast Siege: The Phoenix, Jiao-dragon and Torch Dragon have all awoken. Threatened via the invasion of the three mighty historical beasts, will your sect be capable to continue to exist the pains that watch for?
  • Roaming Sages: To hunt historical beasts, one should turn into a real cultivation champion. Myriad mysterious sages from other sects get started roaming the sector in every single place. To your sect, this can be each a chance and a brand-new problem.
  • Elemental Medicines: The planting strategies of dozens of tough elemental herbs were discovered. A storeroom stuffed with potent elemental medications is a dream not!
  • Building Rotation: Build your sect as you favor.
  • Animal Farming: You can now feed paralyzed animals, the use of their favourite meals as bait to check out and tame them.
  • Feng Shui Relic: Regular pieces can have stats that cause them to a Feng Shui Relic.

  • Explore the World: Almost all of the international is yours to discover. Cultivators can go back and forth the lands over to seek out hidden treasures and face secret demanding situations.
  • Sect War: Except for the Daemonia Temple, all of the sects now have their very own bases. Countless treasures, historical formation diagrams, forgotten uncommon artifacts and sumptuous constructions can all be discovered inside of.
  • Interactive World: NPC sects now have interaction with each and every different, with penalties for his or her energy and affect which continuously shift to create an ever-changing international of cultivators.
  • Formation: An entire Formation is composed of one cultivator appearing because the Pillar and several other others as Auxiliaries. By looking for manuals and meditating at the Creed of Heaven, cultivators can discover ways to turn into new sorts of Pillars and Auxiliaries that hook up with each and every different to create Formations.
  • Sub-Spirits: Cultivators that experience completed the Primordial Spirit state or above can teach, find out about secret strikes, take elixirs, meditate at the Creed of Heaven and problem the Heavenly Tribulation to acquire sub-spirits. Sub-spirits can lend a hand cultivators with Primordial Spirits make nice development of their follow.
  • Various Tribulations: Once their attainment and lifespan limits are reached, cultivators can take at the corresponding Heavenly Tribulations to wreck thru and earn themselves new nation-states of development.

  • Cultivation Laws: Thousands of regulations were found out within the realm of cultivators, each and every legislation price learning and studying if just for its distinctiveness by myself. Learn the most efficient of all of the cultivation regulations and push your self to the next state of lifestyles!
  • Path of Shendao: Collect ideals from mortals to extend your energy. Build a divine realm within the void to turn into your personal god. Channel energy from all of the heavenly guards to craft your personal sacred artifact.
  • Mini Universe: A Bounded Universe created with elemental forces. Most common pieces will also be contained inside of it. You needn’t depart your whole pieces at the ground any longer. Just retailer them within the Mini Universe!
  • Expand Your Sect: Send outer disciples out into the mortal international to create an company in your sect. Help mortals remedy their issues, earn their believe and loyalty and procure native merchandise.
  • Commerce: As sects have interaction with each and every different, immortals will start to business extra ceaselessly. Obtain specialties unique to each and every sect, and meet mysterious traders travelling all over the world; even Ye Xuan the Gambler has opened an public sale area.
  • Each to Their Own: Disciples from all sects now have their very own names with secrets and techniques, spare time activities and tales to inform. Make buddies all over the world and discover a wide variety of attention-grabbing data.


  • Over 10 cultivation regulations, ready to be found out and practiced.
  • Over 40 miracles, presenting you with a lot of other cultivation studies.
  • Over 40 elixirs and 30 talismans, each and every with their very own attention-grabbing results.
  • Everything will also be crafted into artifacts.
  • Achieve the next cultivation state and acquire wonderful treasures to lengthen your lifespan.
  • Increase your cultivation in all sides to arrange for the Heavenly Tribulation.


  • Master your artifacts and use them to combat in opposition to enemies.
  • Each personality comes with a practical bodily frame, which means there’s numerous probabilities inside of every combat.
  • Use tough secret regulations to their fullest extents to show the tide of combat.


  • Send disciples on adventures to come upon fortuitous occasions, examine secrets and techniques and acquire treasures.
  • It’s your choice whether or not to do excellent or torment others round you.
  • Hundreds of tournament chains are ready so that you can discover


  • Collect sources like meals and picket and continue to exist in peculiar forests.
  • Build homes and develop plants to extend your sect.
  • Store sources to arrange for difficult and vicious climate.
  • Prepare to stand alternatives and demanding situations introduced via legendary beasts reminiscent of Lushu, Fei and Amphiptere.


  • There’s loads of various types of meals, guns, clothes and accessories.
  • Your completed product will inherit the characteristics of the unique fabrics used each and every time you craft.


  • Adhere to Feng Shui in keeping with the interactions between the Five Elements, and create your very personal Earthly Paradise.
  • The proper structure will build up the potency and aesthetics of your sect.


  • Parents, fans, buddies and enemies. Through ways and technique, you should care for the relationships of your disciples.
  • Thousands of social occasions watch for, giving you a wealthy and fascinating sect lifestyles.



  • Obtain achievements in Hardcore mode, and settle for the problem of a lifestyles the place in the event you die, that’s it.


  • Mod construction shall be applied often. We can’t wait to construct a global of cultivation with you all!


  • We have plans to collaborate with more than a few different very good video games. Remember to reinforce the builders you’re keen on!


  • We will proceed to expand new and thrilling content material within the days to come back: Pet conserving, Yaoguai Uprising and sect wars are all coming quickly!

Amazing Cultivation Simulator v1.07-P2P

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Game Version: 1.07 (1 December 2021)
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