Amazon Luna is expanding to three more countries in Europe beginning today, widening the reach of Amazon’s cloud gaming efforts to tons of new potential subscribers. Even still, Luna’s “club” so-to-speak is fairly exclusive. With only a handful of countries having access to the service. However Luna was much more closed off during its first year when it was only available in the US.

It’s also been months since Amazon added available to any new regions. With access to Luna having opened up in the UK, Canada, and Germany back in March. Nary a peep has come from the Luna team about further regional expansion until today’s official announcement. Which signifies that Amazon is still looking to bring in new subscribers from new areas where Luna wasn’t available before. Even if it does so at a slow pace.

Luna expands in Europe with regional availability in Italy, France, and Spain

With today’s expansion this will make Luna available in four European countries altogether. And Amazon says the same gamut of features available to users in the US will be available in these new regions. This includes multiple “channels” as Amazon calls them where you can access different packs of content. The Luna channel for instance will have an entirely different collection of games from the others. Such as the Ubisoft+ channel that contains all Ubisoft games. Even some new ones like Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

That being said prices will also still be separate. Meaning you will have to sign up for both the Luna channel and the Ubisoft+ channel if you want access to everything they both offer. That’ll run subscribers €9.99 per month for the Luna channel or €17.99 per month for the Ubisoft+ channel. Or €27.99 for both. There’s also a channel for Jackbox games for €4.99 per month which includes mostly party titles meant to be played by groups.

And Luna is one of the services available in Samsung Gaming Hub. So if you have a compatible Samsung TV then you won’t need a Fire TV or a Fire TV Stick or set top box. We would suggest picking up a Luna Controller though as it should provide the best connection to Luna servers.

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