Amazon is killing the Comixology app next month. Therefore, it will be integrated into the Kindle app for Android, iOS, and FireOS users. Notably, Comixology has undergone several changes since its acquisition by Amazon in late 2014, including the overhaul in 2022.

Amazon is discontinuing Comixology but Kindle has got your back

Amazon today announced the Comixology app’s integration into Kindle. The internet hasn’t received this positively though, mainly hardcore comic and manga fans.

Comixology fans had a feeling that something was up, especially those who paid attention to what was happening around. Amazon had already laid off over 18,000 employees in January, including many from Comixology. This showed that Amazon was changing its focus, and it wasn’t a surprise when they said they were closing down Comixology.

In 2022, the original Comixology website was replaced by a modified Kindle app. The next step is the complete removal of the Comixology app on December 4th, 2023. Android, iOS, and Amazon tablet users will need to use the Kindle app to access their libraries instead.

Amazon further explained that users “can continue to access Comixology comics, graphic novels, and manga titles” in the Kindle app. The only requirement is using the same Amazon login you use for the Comixology app.

The good news is…ComiXology Unlimited will continue to exist

Apart from switching apps, Amazon says users should experience minimal disruption. Reading progress will sync, and all Comixology books will be available on Kindle.

Amazon is improving the Kindle app to make it more suitable for reading comics, including better organization and discoverability features. Comixology Unlimited will remain unchanged. You’ll still be able to access and purchase digital comics. The Kindle app will also allow automatic transfer of the Hidden Comics. Moreover, the Publisher Pages will be available again in the US.

The end of the standalone Comixology app could be just another sign of corporate consolidation. Comixology’s different software platform, compared to the rest of Amazon, could be one of the reasons behind the Kindle-Comixology merger. Nevertheless, the merger aims to enhance the Kindle comics experience, a subject of criticism since the changes began in 2022.

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