An Open Letter to Coin Center: Introduction to a Fully Private Zero-Knowledge Proof Digital Currency

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Dear Mr. Green and Mr. Van Valkenburgh,

I learn your article “Without privateness, can we truly desire a virtual buck (1)?” with avid passion. The essay could be very poignant on the earth we are living in these days, particularly at a time in humanity this is accelerating all issues virtual. 
Of specific passion within the article is the problem of privateness with virtual currencies. I’m additionally a powerful proponent of Privacy through Design (2), a idea that has been gaining traction within the techniques engineering and app design area since 2009. Furthermore, I percentage your fear that “the decline of bodily money will inevitably hurt the poorest amongst us maximum whilst additionally eroding everybody’s privateness and autonomy. A cashless financial system is a surveillance and keep watch over financial system, a closed financial system that solely works for the privileged and politically applicable (1).” 

Whilst the topic of your article facilities across the advent of privateness for a centrally controlled virtual buck, on this letter, I want to describe a globally supported, unfastened market-based virtual foreign money with the suitable privateness qualities that you simply prescribed. 

“A a success option to developing such currencies attracts on a collection of applied sciences referred to as ‘0 information proofs.’ These mathematical ways, first pioneered at MIT within the 1980s, make it conceivable to turn out the reality of a mathematical remark with out revealing your complete main points of that remark.” ~ Without privateness, can we truly desire a virtual buck?, through Matthew Green & Peter Van Valkenburgh (1).

Dubbed Pirate Chain, $ARRR is constructed on zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge-succinct non-interactive argument of data), a “0 information evidence” mathematical protocol. This implies that an $ARRR person can turn out to the community the possession of a amount of cash in a pockets, or that the finances had been correctly despatched to a recipient. 
As proposed for your Coin Center essay, “those [privacy] ways may well be utilized in a virtual buck gadget so as to safeguard the privateness of customers. Unlike a conventional financial institution ledger, in a zero-knowledge gadget every transaction would disclose no details about the sender, recipient, or quantity despatched, but proofs would offer protection to the stability of the foreign money from robbery and counterfeiting (1).”

Pirate Chain’s zk-SNARKs transactions are performed with out revealing both celebration’s identification or transaction main points. In truth, $ARRR epitomizes the Privacy through Design thought, as it was once engineered in keeping with the primary of “privateness first,” that means that the anonymity of $ARRR addresses and transactions are of extreme precedence. Hence, privateness with $ARRR is deliberately non-optional through default. In comparability, maximum self-proclaimed privateness cash within the trade be offering non-compulsory privateness as a secondary function which is widely known to be problematic. For accounting functions, $ARRR provides the facility to “choose out” of privateness through revealing a viewingkey to turn out a transaction or possession of finances. The anonymity set (a technique of pooling obfuscated transactions utilized by all privateness protocols) is a very powerful function of a personal virtual foreign money because it hides the transactions. For instance, it will be tougher to decipher one transaction if it had been obfuscated among 1000 others within the set, than if it had been hidden among solely ten. Pirate Chain’s anonymity set is the most important within the trade so far and it’s frequently rising with each transaction (3).

While the Pirate moniker may carry an eyebrow or evoke unfavourable sentiments, the pillars of this foreign money are rooted to the most productive basics of a pirate lifestyles: a fervent need for freedom, and the best to are living a lifestyles unfastened from oppression through a damaged gadget. 

Pirate Chain empowers $ARRR customers with Personal Financial Freedom. 

Bitcoin evangelist Marty Bent stated, “cash is dictated as unfastened speech (4).” The freedom to do as you would like together with your cash is key to unfastened speech. Pirate Chain has been lauded through each Monero and ZCash groups as essentially the most nameless virtual foreign money within the trade (5). It stands to explanation why then that $ARRR is without equal type of unfastened speech and embodies the maximum resistance to transaction censorship. 

$ARRR possesses the entire options that Coin Center recommends for a central financial institution virtual foreign money. In these days’s surroundings, it has the additional benefit of a decentralized community of node supporters, with programmed shortage and a worth this is dictated through unfastened marketplace forces. For all monetary functions, $ARRR is the nearest approximation to spending bodily money.

Privacy is a commodity that has been compromised for a very long time. We goal to stave this mudslide with persevered traits.

In conclusion, I want to percentage with you one of the crucial traits the $ARRR ecosystem is development for the privateness trade. First, Pirate Chain constructed an running gadget, Pirate OS, this is pushed through a privacy-first design. Pirate OS model 1.0 was once engineered to offer protection to person privateness whilst working a crypto pockets. An extra suite of complementary running techniques are these days within the works that may create a continuing on-line surroundings for on a regular basis utilization introduced from a privateness protective framework. Second, Pirate Chain has additionally introduced the sector’s first cell pockets that runs the private-only blockchain of $ARRR. Third, additional impressed through the Privacy through Design thought, a privacy-focused point-of-sale gadget is actively in building. Coupled with the cell pockets, the point-of-sale gadget will exponentially build up the adoption of $ARRR, empowering customers as soon as once more, with private monetary freedom. 

Thank you.


4. Marty Bent, Off the Chain podcast, March 2, 20204.

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