With the Android 14 update, Google has done away with the ability to access notifications using the app icon long press method. This method became popular over the years and was a fun and quick way to see notifications on each app easily. All users needed to do was to long press on the app’s icon from the homepage and a pop-up window will appear showing off a handful of details.

Among these details will be the notifications on the app, so users can quickly glance through them. Due to the small size of the pop-up window, users could only see one notification and then a bubble to identify the presence of others. This feature worked hand-in-hand with the notification bubble feature that shows the number of notifications an app has at a given time.

The app icon long press feature also offered users a quick way to clear these notification bubbles. Aside from reading the app’s notification, users could also swipe it away and clear the notification bubble on the app’s icon. This was a feature that most Android 13 users love using, as it is quite functional.

You cannot see your notifications upon icon long press in Android 14

Despite bringing a ton of new features, the Android 14 update is also doing away with some features. One such feature that’s no longer available is the one under consideration in this article. For some reason, Google thinks it’s time that Android users wave goodbye to this feature that they have come to love.

The fact that this feature is no longer available doesn’t mean that users can’t check notifications on apps. There is still the option to access all notifications from the control panel, where they are neatly laid out for easy access. Google only offered notification access from the app icon-long feature as a fun way to do things.

By pulling down the control panel, Android 14 users can still access their notifications. All notifications are neatly organized based on the apps they are from for easy and stress-free access. From the control panel, users can also clear notifications from apps that they have attended to or don’t have an interest in.

Now on Android 14, long pressing on an app icon only pulls app info, and pauses app, widget, and quick access tools. With the quick access feature, users can make use of certain functions within the app without having to open the app. The first three app icons long press functions app info, pause app, and widget now have a new design.

Instead of existing on different cards, all three functions now exist in one card. This is a much neater design and will grow on users with time.

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