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Android 14 will bring passkey support for Dashlane and other apps

Passkeys are coming up soon as a way of using your phone and its biometrics in place of traditional passwords, and Android 14 is set to bring native support for passkeys to apps, including Dashlane.

In a blog post today, Dashlane explained that it will add native support for passkeys in Android 14. The upcoming version of Android unlocks support for passkeys within third-party apps, meaning that Dashlane likely won’t be the only app picking up support when the update debuts later this year. 1Password also announced support for passkeys recently.

Dashlane explains:

Mobile platforms such as Android and iOS will require changes to enable third-party applications such as Dashlane to manage passkeys. These are the very changes that have been included in this developer preview of Android 14. The user can simply create a passkey using their fingerprint instead of entering a password. The fingerprint ties the authentication action to the user of the device, which prevents anyone else from creating and using passkeys on this specific device.

In a tweet, Dashlane also showed what passkeys will look like in its app on Android 14, with a system prompt appearing similar to what we see with biometric authentication in Android today.

Support for passkeys in Dashlane on Android will come with the final release of Android 14, which is currently scheduled to arrive around August of this year, barring any unexpected delays.

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