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Clash Royale update

Welcome to our Clash Royale replace hub! We’ll be accumulating the entire legitimate steadiness adjustments and updates for Clash Royale as they are launched through the Finnish large Supercell.

If you are a hardcore Clasher, you’ll want to bookmark this web page to stick up-to-date on the newest buffs, nerfs, new sport modes, and new playing cards for Clash Royale. Below you’ll be able to to find the newest replace, adopted through a listing of recent playing cards from this season. Previous Clash Royale updates will also be discovered on the finish of the web page.

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Clash Royale replace: The newest

Clash Royale Season 5 replace

Release date: November 4, 2020.

Season 5 is right here, and it is the Goblins’ flip to polish! The Great Goblin Feast has taken over the Legendary enviornment, giving it an entire festive makeover at some stage in Season 5. The newest Royale Pass additionally serves up new Goblin chocolates, together with a Goblin Hut-like tower pores and skin and a brand new Dart Goblin emote.

The new season additionally brings with it a bunch of steadiness adjustments, most commonly to nerf overperforming playing cards just like the Witch. The most up-to-date new troop card Elixir Golem is now to be had in chests, even if it and its gooey offspring have had their well being decreased through 10%. Executioner continues to be being tweaked to discover a satisfied position within the meta, and the one (minor) buff this time round is to the Barbarian Barrel, for higher or worse.

Check out the entire checklist of adjustments at the legitimate weblog publish!

Clash Royale: New playing cards

One of the secrets and techniques to Clash Royale’s good fortune is the consistent updates, adjustments, and new playing cards. A unmarried new card can open up lots of significant deck chances, and upload some longevity to the identify launched means again in 2020. The maximum not too long ago added playing cards and their next buffs/nerfs from every Clash Royale replace are indexed beneath.

Clash Royale new card elixir golem

Elixir Golem

Splits into two Elixir Golemites when destroyed, which break up into two sentient Blobs when defeated. A Blob provides your opponent one elixir when destroyed!

Release date: November 4, 2020.

  • 3-Elixir uncommon troop card.
  • Very prime Hitpoints, additional greater through golemites and blobs.
  • Powerful pusher when blended with Clone spell.
  • Be cautious of counterpushes when defeated.

Clash Royale new card fisherman


His Ranged Attack can pull enemies in opposition to him, and pull himself to enemy constructions. He’s additionally mastered the traditional artwork of ‘Fish Slapping’.

Release date: July 1, 2020.

  • 4-elixir mythical to be had in Hog Mountain or upper.
  • His anchor pulls enemies in opposition to him, even throughout lanes or the river.
  • Hooked devices have transfer and assault velocity decreased through 35% for 2 seconds.
  • Hitting a development together with his anchor will pull Fisherman in opposition to it.

Clash Royale new card Gobllin Cage

Goblin Cage

When the Goblin Cage is destroyed, a Goblin Brawler is unleashed into the Arena! Goblin Brawler by no means skips leg day.

Release date: June 3, 2020.

  • 4-elixir uncommon to be had in Spooky Town or upper.
  • Building has low hitpoints and lasts simply 15 seconds.
  • When destroyed, spawns Goblin Brawler.
  • Goblin Brawler could be very speedy and offers prime harm, however with middling hitpoints.

Clash Royale new card earthquake


Deals Damage in line with 2d to Troops and Crown Towers. Deals large Building Damage! Does now not impact flying devices (it’s an EARTHquake, in spite of everything).

Release date: April 15, 2020

  • 4-elixir Rare to be had in Jungle Arena or upper.
  • Works like Poison spell.
  • Does now not impact air troops.
  • Deals 400% harm to constructions.
  • Deals 100% harm to Princess and King Towers.
  • Slows affected enemies.

Clash Royale replace historical past

Clash Royale Season 4 replace

Season 4 is right here, and it will be a spooky one. The newest Royale Pass options various Halloween-themed unlockables plus a couple of distinctive emotes. The Royal Arena has been reskinned to compare the theme, and several other new sport modes are at the means.

Perhaps extra considerably, a brand new card has been added to Clash Royale. Elixir Golem is a three-elixir troop card that explodes into two smaller Elixir Golemites, very similar to the Golem. When the Elixir Golemites are defeated, they break up once more into two Elixir Blobs, every of which offer your opponent one elixir when defeated. Use with warning!

Read extra about the newest Clash Royale replace over on the legitimate patch notes.

Clash Royale September replace assessment

Release date: September 30

The Clash Royale September replace landed at a little bit of a extraordinary time, but it surely introduced with it lots of recent tactics to play Clash Royale. The 2v2 button has been changed with the Party button, which nonetheless has 2v2 mode plus a bunch of alternative a laugh sport modes. Even higher, you will not lose trophies when taking part in any celebration modes, however you’ll be able to nonetheless achieve crowns, victory gold, and whole quest goals.

There don’t seem to be any steadiness adjustments with the September replace, however stayed tuned till subsequent week when Season 4 launches. It’s slated to convey a brand new card, new enviornment, and a bunch of alternative Halloween themed chocolates.

Check out the entire patch notes over on the legitimate Clash Royale site.

Clash Royale Season 3

Release date: September 2, 2020.

Season 3 is right here in the newest Clash Royale replace, and with it comes the go back of the Legendary Arena for avid gamers with 4,000 trophies and above. There will likely be a brand new tower pores and skin launched, referred to as The Fortress, which has floating rocks and a waterfall. It will also be unlocked by means of the go royale, together with an unique Princess emote.

As standard, the Season 3 replace may even have various steadiness adjustments, together with nerfs to the Lumberjack, Pekka, and Barbarian Barrel. The Fisherman won a small buff to his HP and anchor vary, which might spice up use charges of the most recent Clash Royale card.

Legendary Arena

The Flood has ended, and the Royale Kingdom has returned to a way of normality… or has it?! Let the Legendary Arena Battles start!

Season 3 Pass Royale rewards

  • Exclusive Season 3 Fortress Tower Skin & Emote
  • 35 Pass Royale Reward Tiers to release
  • 35 Free Reward Tiers to release

Legendary Challenges

Season 3 Special Challenges can have new playing cards, chests and industry tokens to gather together with

  • Legendary Party
  • Miner Draft (with new Miner Emote!)
  • Bandit Dash!
  • Night Witch Draft (with new Night Witch Emote!)
  • Sudden Death
  • Lumberjack Rage

Clash Royale Season 3 Update steadiness adjustments

Executioner – Rework

  • Damage +82%
  • Hitpoints -5%
  • Range decreased (min 4.5 – 6.5 max) > (min 3 – 4.5 max)
  • Hit Speed decreased 2.4sec > 2.5sec
  • Faster Axe go back time (1.5 sec > 1sec)

Royal Ghost

  • Area Damage Radius: 0.8 > 1

Dark Prince

  • Area Damage Radius: 1.2 > 1.1


  • Range: Long > Medium

Goblin Cage

  • Goblin Brawler Speed: Very Fast > Fast


  • Elixir Cost: 4 > 3
  • Damage: -11%

Giant (Bug Fix)

  • Giant incorrectly displayed Range Melee: Long on his card information. It now seems as Melee: Medium, which represents his precise vary.

Trophy Road adjustments

The sport has got rid of more than one selection playing cards for Season 3, and feature changed the assured Fisherman with a Legendary Chest. Remember to gather your Trophy Road rewards for the brand new Season!

That’s it for our Clash Royale replace hub. Be positive to bookmark this newsletter, as we’re going to replace it over the following few weeks and months with the newest releases.