In the most recent WhatsApp Android beta update, users are getting to try out the new AI chatbot. This feature is currently accessible to some beta testers via the Chats Tab within the app interface. The icon used to access this new feature sits on the “New Message” icon that sits on the app’s home page.

A few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that this new feature is going to hit beta testing on devices. At the moment, only beta testers in the US have access to this feature for usage. Its function is to help assist users with daily activities and a handy companion that people can start conversations with at any time of the day.

Soon, more users will get access to this AI-powered feature for usage in their day-to-day activities. The new AI-powered feature can also keep users entertained when they don’t have any friends online to chat with. Here are more details on this new feature that is now in beta testing for Android devices.

The WhatsApp AI chatbot is now available for usage to Android beta testers

This new AI-powered feature that beta testers are trying, outcomes with its shortcut. As pointed out a few paragraphs away, this shortcut sits above the “New Message” button and provides users with quick access to the AI chatbot. From the images WABetaInfo shared, this shortcut’s icon is a circle with some color blends.

The shortcut key stands out from the entire WhatsApp interface and can be easily spotted. Tapping on it will pull up the AI chatbot for users to ask questions or start conversations and get follow-up answers. They can use this to find out things or just to pass the time while using the app daily.

WhatsApp isn’t the first social media application to launch an AI chatbot for usage. Snapchat also has something similar to this known as “My AI” and it is currently available for usage. Users of this social media platform have had access to this AI chatbot for quite a while and they use it for various reasons.

Something similar to this is now preparing to roll out for usage by the WhatsApp community. There’s no information on how long this feature will remain accessible to only beta testers. But WhatsApp users can have it at the back of their mind that they’ll soon get an AI companion.

At the moment, not all beta testers in the US have access to this feature, as it’s still rolling out. In the coming days, more beta testers will get to try out the new WhatsApp AI chatbot. With time, this new AI-powered feature will become available for usage to the global audience via a Google Play Store or Apple App Store update.

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