Apple Maps: The right way to record injuries, velocity tests, and hazards


In case you’re following turn-by-turn instructions, you’ll faucet the Path card on the backside of the display, then Record adopted by way of Twist of fate, Danger, or Pace Test.

At the CarPlay interface, you’ll see a record danger button at the display whilst you’re following turn-by-turn instructions (it seems like a speech balloon with an exclamation level in it). Faucet it after which faucet Twist of fate, Danger, or Pace Test.



As soon as reported, a little bit icon will seem at the map for hazards and injuries, whilst velocity tests will as a substitute factor a pop-up notification when you’re the use of turn-by-turn instructions. Apple evaluates those experiences and if it feels they’re official, they’ll be displayed on different drivers’ maps as neatly.

Clearing an incident

In case you see an incident icon in your map however it’s no longer there in the actual global to any extent further, you’ll record that it has cleared. Once more, Siri is the straightforward method to try this. Say “Good day Siri, the danger is long past,” or “Good day Siri, transparent the twist of fate,” or one thing identical. You’ll be able to’t transparent velocity tests.

In case you don’t wish to use Siri, you’ll faucet the incident marketplace at the map after which make a selection both Cleared or Nonetheless Right here. This works on both your iPhone or at the CarPlay interface.