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Apple TV+ May Stream Certain NBA Games from 2024

Apple TV+ May Stream Certain NBA Games from 2024

Apple is reportedly bidding for streaming rights to some of the carved-out packages of NBA – for its Apple TV+ in 2024.

This is alongside another strong competitor – Amazon for its Prime Video platform, says CNBC. As for what packages the rights will be sold is yet to be known, but it’s clear that the current NBA partners – Disney and Warner Bros Discovery, had to relive their renewal contracts before letting anyone take it.

NBA Steaming Rights for Apple TV+

After investing billions of dollars in movies and TV shows, Apple is aggressively looking to bring live sports to its TV+ platform for more viewers. The company has already acquired the rights for MLB Friday Night Baseball and MLS Season Pass – and now wants to add NBA to its library!

This comes from CNBC, which stated sources familiar with the matter said that Apple and Amazon are interested in acquiring rights for some carved-out packages of NBA – from 2024 onwards. This will be a big deal if Apple makes it, as the game is viewed by millions of fans worldwide.

But there’s a catch! For Apple or Amazon to acquire the NBA streaming rights, the current rightsholders – Disney and Warner Bros Discovery, had to relinquish them in April 2024. And it seems likely, considering that both parties are reportedly withdrawing after this term.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has recently said, “We don’t have to have the NBA.” Thus, Apple and Amazon potentially coming up with better offers will definitely let NBA source their games stream on either platform. Well, here, Amazon seems a more likely partner for NBA than Apple – considering how strongly the latter restricts its contract deals and content, causing contention during negotiations.

Amazon, on the other hand, is known to be less demanding in contract negotiations, making it a better option than Apple. Well, we shall see more details regarding this pouring in the coming months. So stay tuned.