After a recent dispute with Apple, the Justice Department has announced that it has reached a landmark agreement. This agreement involves the two parties and aims to offer retribution for Apple’s hiring practices. There have been allegations that the tech giant’s recruitment pattern has been shamefully ignoring certain groups of people.

According to the allegation, Apple prefers to hire people who don’t fall into two categories. The first category is US citizens, and the second category is non-US citizens whose permission to live in and work in the US does not expire. According to Assistant Attorney General Kristen, this action creates an unlawful barrier preventing job seekers from getting work because of their citizenship status.

To combat this shameful act, Apple will pay $25 million in back pay and civil penalties. Now this fee is groundbreaking as it is the highest fee under the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The Justice Department ruled that Apple violated the INA’s anti-discrimination requirements during its hiring process.

Apple to pay a whopping $25 million for its landmark agreement with the Justice Department

Unfortunately, Apple finds itself entangled in this act of hiring discrimination. The hiring process of Apple and other companies in the US stands under the permanent labour certification program (PERM). This program allows employers to hire those with lawful permanent resident status.

However, for some reason, Apple has not been favourable to these as they turn elsewhere for its hires. While under the PERM program, employers are not to discriminate during their hiring process. But Apple’s hiring preference leaves cues towards their discrimination against some US citizens and lawful permanent residents.

Investigations into the matter kicked off back in 2019 and are now seeing its closure. After about three years running, Apple’s guilt on this matter is deserving of some sort of repercussion. The Justice Department has given the tech giant the repercussion that comes as a result of its discriminatory hiring practices.

The investigations expose Apple’s hiring practices that help them sort out their desired employees. For this reason, the tech giant will pay a $25 million agreement to the Justice Department. This payment will come in two stages, the first being $6.75 million in civil penalties. Following this, the company will pay $18.25 million to eligible discrimination victims.

Apple is now also required to match its PERM positions to its standard recruitment practices. This will open more doors for the employment of US citizens and lawful permanent residents. So if you fit into any of these categories and have been applying to work at Apple, you might be able to get your dream job.

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