A recent leak points out that OLED display iPad entries will hit the global market sometime next year. This impressive design option for Apple’s iPads will be exclusive to the Pro models. Following this, the leak also claims that the iPad Air and Mini entries will also get OLED displays two years after the Pro models.

For the iPad Pros that are said to get OLED screens by next year, their display will be superior to the Air and Mini models. This is because the Pro models might use a two-stack dual-emission OLED panel. As for the more affordable and smaller Air and Mini models, they’ll stick with a single-stack single-emission OLED display.

Despite the difference in OLED displays across the iPad model line-up and their time of availability, this is a great improvement. Currently, the available iPads make use of Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED LCD screens for the Pro models. The more affordable iPads use a similar display to the Pro models but drop off the XDR display technology. If this leak is anywhere close to being accurate, then iPad users can expect an impressive display upgrade by next year.

A significant upgrade is coming to the iPad Pro models with the introduction of OLED display panels

Currently, the available iPad Pro models use LED and mini-LED display technology. This display technology is exclusive to the Pro models on Apple’s more recent iPads. But leaks point out that this will change by next year with the launch of newer iPad Pro models.

The upgrade on these modes will not only bring improvements to the M2 chips onboard but also new screen displays. At this moment, Apple offers its iPad Pros in two different screen sizes, 12.9 and 11 inches. Both of these screen sizes come with LED and mini-LED displays, respectively. However, Apple has been working hard to switch over to OLED displays with its top display suppliers.

For next year, the OLED panel on the iPad Pro models might feature a single-stack single-emission OLED display. By 2027, reports have it that this single-stack display will only be available for the Air and Mini iPad models. Apple will then switch over to the two-stack dual-emission OLED display for the Pro models.

Available reports have it that the iPad Air and Mini models won’t get OLED displays until 2026. A year after this, the Pro models will improve upon the OLED display technology that they offer users. For these upgrades to be possible, Apple might change the suppliers of its OLED panels for coming iPads.

Samsung, one of the brand’s major display suppliers, might not be part of the suppliers for the two-stack OLED display. Apple might switch its attention to other suppliers that’ll make these displays available for future iPad models. With this news, it becomes clear that Apple is gearing up to compete with Android tablets that already use OLED displays.

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