If you had hoped that Apple’s RCS adoption would end the blue vs green bubbles issue, well, it will not. Apple confirmed to 9to5Google that it’s not happening, as iMessage will still be presented via blue bubbles. RCS, on the other hand, will use green bubbles, the same as SMS.

Apple’s RCS adoption won’t end the blue vs green bubbles problem, unfortunately

In case you’re out of the loop, Apple actually confirmed yesterday that RCS support is coming to iPhones. The company said that it will be implemented late next year, but we don’t know the exact timeframe.

Google reacted to the news recently, as the company welcomed Apple’s decision, and said it’ll help the company implement the service on iOS (if needed). Google has been pushing Apple towards this decision via its marketing campaign, but that’s almost certainly not the reason Apple did this.

In any case, RCS (Rich Communication Services) will bring a number of iMessage-type features to use across platforms. If you use an iPhone, you’ll be able to send images and videos to Android users, and vice versa. You’ll also get read receipts, typing indicators, and so on.

Let’s hope that Apple will at least use a different shade of green for RCS

Now, it would be nice to see a different shade of green for RCS on iPhones, at least. On Android, SMS messages are highlighted with a light blue color, while RCS messages are presented with a dark blue color. That goes for Google Messages, at least.

As I said, it would be nice to see a difference on iPhones as well. That way the users will have a clear indication of whether they can send images and videos to someone, or if that’s off-limits, if they don’t have access to RCS.

If not, then some other, obvious indication would be nice to have, that’s for sure. We’ll see how Apple will implement this. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for quite some time in order to see it happen.

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