apturl no longer operating

I do know the topic has already been handled more than one occasions however not one of the fixes labored in my case so…
I am on Ubuntu 21.04 and use Firefox 89.0.2.

Once I click on on an apturl hyperlink reminiscent of : apt://gimp, and make a choice to open it with /bin/apturl, then not anything occurs…

In Firefox about:config, I’ve set the beneficial entries :

  • community.protocol-handler.app.apt as string to /usr/bin/apturl
  • community.protocol-handler.app.apt+http as string to /usr/bin/apturl
  • community.protocol-handler.warn-external.apt as boolean to false
  • community.protocol-handler.warn-external.apt+http as boolean to false
  • community.protocol-handler.divulge.apt as boolean to false

What I already attempted :

  • Purge/Reinstall apturl and apturl-common
  • Purge/Reinstall Firefox
  • Take a look at with any other browser (Chrome and Chromium)

None of this make apturl hyperlink paintings within the browser. Alternatively, once I use apturl in a terminal, it really works tremendous. Equivalent to :


(*2*)apturl apt://gimp

I do not know what else can I take a look at/repair…

Thank you