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Arlo’s new Home Security system is exactly what a Nest Guard sequel should have looked like

Google axed the Nest Guard security system in 2022 without warning or a replacement on the horizon, and to this day, there’s still no ideal solution for a proper security system that integrates with Google Assistant without a catch. This week, Arlo is launching its own entry in the home security system market, and it’s exactly the sort of thing Google Nest should be taking notes on.

The Arlo Home Security System is a $199 all-in-one system designed to help secure and monitor your home without the need for complex installs. To an extent, it’s a very similar system to SimpliSafe, just with a few different hardware and software choices.

At the core of the system is a “Keypad Sensor Hub,” which has motion detection, a microphone for detecting smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and a built-in siren for when the alarm goes off. There are also one-tap connections to the police, fire department, and medical responders directly on the keypad. Optionally, there’s also an attachment for the keypad that adds a battery and cellular backup.

That keypad then connects to Arlo’s all-in-one sensor, which is used primarily for detecting motion and opening doors or windows. But these sensors can do a whole lot more, including detecting tilt for garage doors, detecting water leaks, detecting changes in light or temperature, and using a microphone to hear carbon monoxide or smoke alarms. It’s certainly a compelling little sensor.

You’ll get two sensors with the keypad in the base $199 package, or five sensors and a yard sign with the keypad in a $299 package. Notably, this drastically undercuts the original price of the Nest Guard which came in at $499 back in 2022.

Arlo also offers professional monitoring with this system that can dispatch authorities in an emergency and use Arlo security cameras to verify that it wasn’t a false alarm. This, however, is completely optional.

Here’s the unfortunate bit.

For the time being, it doesn’t seem as though the Arlo Security System will have any Google Assistant (or even Alexa) integration. It’s a standalone system using Arlo’s app only. As Google Home routines add support for device triggers, that’s a shame, but hopefully, it’s something that can be added later. Arlo’s cameras, after all, have some of the best integration with Google’s smart home ecosystem.

The Arlo Home Security System starts shipping in late November from Arlo’s website and Best Buy.

Alongside the new security system, Arlo is also today announcing the Pro 5S 2K camera, which has improved network performance and 30% better battery life. It also has color night vision and pairs with the new security system’s cellular add-on for continuous recording in power outages. The camera costs $249 and does integrate with Google Assistant.’s Take

Google’s decision to move away from Nest Guard still baffles me, if only because systems like these work brilliantly with other smart home functions.

Arlo’s system here pulls in a lot of great ideas that I, as someone still using a Nest Guard, would love to see in a sequel from Google. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if that’s remotely on the horizon, so Arlo might just be the way to go.

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