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Another very instructional episode of ARRI Tech Talk has been revealed. This time the consultation targeted at the CODEX HDE expertise and implementations, which are getting used to cut back the ones heavy ARRIRAW recordsdata by way of 40% with none relief in high quality. Watch it under.

(*2*)CODEX High-Density Encoding (HDE): Reduction of information

HDE stands for High-Density Encoding.  It is an encoding methodology this is optimized for Bayer development photographs.  ARRIRAW photographs encoded with HDE are roughly 60% of the unique length.  HDE encoding is totally lossless, so when an HDE dossier is decoded, this is a bit-for-bit. The expertise is extensively used amongst high-end manufacturing or even indie tasks that applied ARRIRAW produced by way of ARRI cameras (lately the compatibility has been unfold to ALEXA Mini and AMIRA). For example, the scale of a unmarried ARRIRAW OpenGate body at 3.4K solution is 11.5MB, which means that an hour is 996.2GB (ARRIRAW is a natural uncompressed output which makes this codec very (*14*)data-hungry. However, HDE can cut back this with as much as a 2:1 ratio.

Explore the charts under which display the information charges of the ARRIRAW in comparison to different formats (=cameras).

(*10*)High-level records intake chart

The lowered dossier length supplies efficiencies all of the approach from dailies to VFX pulls to the general electronic intermediate. The advantages are obtrusive to studios like Marvel whose productions are world in scope and come with huge numbers of VFX pictures or to Netflix, whose manufacturing slate continues to develop and develop and who call for the best quality RAW content material for his or her function and unique collection acquisition. Thus, the usage of HDE leads to the relief of garage prices and dossier switch instances.  Furthermore, as defined, even indie productions can get pleasure from the CODEX HDE technique. In truth, CODEX, an X2X Media Group corporate, has additionally been commemorated with a 2021 Engineering Emmy Award, spotting the engineering excellence at the back of the CODEX RAW Workflow with High-Density Encoding.

(*11*)(*3*)CODEX High-Density Encoding (HDE): Reduction of ARRIRAW offload as much as 40% in ARRI Mini and AMIRA

As part of ARRI Tech Talk instructional periods, a devoted episode for the CODEX HDE used to be revealed. In this episode, the nuts and bolts of the HDE are smartly defined, from the born of the technique to the nerdy stuff, like ZigZag encoding, mathematical formulation, and extra. The consultation demonstrates how the encoding can cut back ARRIRAW dossier length by way of nearly part, and the way the dossier is decoded with very best preservation of the standard. Check it out under:

(*20*)(*1*)[embedded content]

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CODEX HDE for ARRIRAW is being recurrently used by high-end productions which call for an enormous quantity of information. Nevertheless, the technique can serve indie productions as smartly, since it’s beautiful easy and easy to make use of. Thus, figuring out the foundations would possibly assist you to for your subsequent manufacturing when capturing with ARRI electronic cameras.