As I suspected

Slate has an article regarding the “no shampoo” idea, which has a definite following in Australia, on the other hand of which I am rather sceptical.  One quote:

So 0 shampoo is not the answer for me—or most of the people. The idea that your hair will naturally rebalance after a period of not washing is “an out of date wives’ tale,” well-known Joshua Zeichner, the director of good looks and clinical research at Mount Sinai Clinical establishment to me by the use of email. Moreover, it’s not very good for your scalp, which does need to be cleansed every now and then to stay healthy. “This no-shampoo movement has been a downside,” dermatologist Rebecca Baxt prompt me. She’s seen an uptick of folks coming in with dead pores and pores and skin built up on their scalps, which itches and flakes, and mockingly seems roughly dry, which is in a position to further feed the no-washing cycle. From a physician’s point of view, the scalp pores and pores and skin is what you’re if truth be told caring for when you wash your hair. 

I heard the comedian Dave Hughes on his radio show some time up to now say that he does now not use shampoo very incessantly, and once he got throughout the shower and was surprised to look out that his hair was bubbling underneath the shower, when he hadn’t put the remainder on it.  Grew to change into out his partner had prompt one of his youngsters to secretly drop some shampoo into his hair while collaborating in with him, so that he would finally wash his hair as it should be. 

Since then, when I have seen him on TV, I have thought “yeah, this guy’s hair does look roughly stiff and as even though it needs a very good wash.”  I am questioning what selection of other people who practice this idea I might uncover as having not-so-nice looking hair.