.Attach. by means of Kishor Berde FREE


.Connect. comes from Kishor Berde.  Simply in recent years I blogged about Kishor’s other recreation SARKWO. I most well-liked it this type of lot I assumed I may check out his other recreation.


The item is to modify adjacent marbles one at a time until an an identical colored marbles are all grouped together inside of a definite # of moves.

The principle 20 levels have been in point of fact simple and I puzzled why I was nevertheless taking part in.  Then again gradually, new portions have been being added and problems got further attention-grabbing. 

The black squares with a marble: they’re fixed.
The black squares with greater than one colors (see the third image) can be grew to become round.
The connecting lines have their own button no longer hooked up: tap on it and the corresponding buttons will transfer.

There are 170 levels and in this day and age I’ve done 87 levels. I did the ones all on my phone while killing time. 

Advice to all puzzle app developers: Don’t publish more than 100 levels.