Bafang Programming Adapter: Extra Cable Colours

(*17*)Within the procedure of putting in a Bafang BBS02 mid-drive motor on a chum’s diamond-frame motorbike, I found out, as soon as once more, how little anyone cares in regards to the colours inside of cables:

Bafang Show Extension Cable – interior colours

(*17*)The cheerful rainbow at the proper is the stub finish of the Bafang show extension cable I constructed into the former adapter.

(*17*)The brand new cable at the left gave the impression adore it would possibly fit the canonical colours:

(*8*)Bafang BBS02 display cable pinout
Bafang BBS02 show cable pinout

(*17*)It comes heartbreakingly shut:

Bafang Show Cable – extension colours

(*17*)Brown and Orange attach because the naive consumer would possibly be expecting, which does scale back the chance of incinerating the motor controller / USB adapter / computer by means of connecting the 48 V battery at once to the logic-level electronics.

(*17*)On the other hand, White wasn’t at the unique menu, Inexperienced is now TXD, and Black has turn out to be, comfortingly, GND.

(*17*)Verily, it’s written: Hell hath no fury like that of an unjustified assumption.

(*17*)This socket connector has a watertight shell making it extraordinarily tricky to mate and unmate with the pin connector at the motorbike. Watertightness being useless, a bit of razor-knife motion turns out so as:

(*8*)Bafang Display Extension Cable - shroud trimming
Bafang Show Extension Cable – shroud trimming

(*17*)Visually, they’re each green-ish, however now and again the Pixel digicam accentuates any variations.