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Bandai Namco dates Ace Combat 7’s closing DLC

Bandai Namco dates Ace Combat 7's remaining DLC screenshot(*6*)


Bandai Namco has dated the remaining DLC packs for (*7*)Ace Fight 7(*5*) and now I’m a little bit bit confused. After I wrote regarding the (*4*)first advertising and marketing marketing campaign add-on, I assumed I remembered a press unlock of there being three additional challenge packs. From the illusion of this trailer (and the dates), there now seems to be four challenge packs. Did I put out of your mind the announcement of a few different expansion?(*6*)

I suppose further (*7*)Ace Fight(*5*) isn’t a nasty issue. Some of the packs can be further additional airplane, which is what the earlier packs inside the season transfer contained. Despite the fact that they don’t seem to be, you are able to stay up for getting DLC #4 – Sudden Customer on September 25. DLC #5 – Anchorhead Raid will land on October 23 and DLC #6 – Ten Million Aid Plan will close out the transfer on November 27. A brand spanking new trailer details the principle challenge pack, even though It’s not that i am sure of its placement right through the game’s plotline.(*6*)