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Bandwidth: GeForce Now debuts physical gift cards in time for the holidays

Ahead of the holiday season, Nvidia GeForce Now has debuted physical gift cards that allow you to gift priority access in person.

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GeForce Now gift cards are here

Available now through the GeForce Now website, you can buy a physical gift card in time for the holidays. These come in addition to the digital gift cards that have been available for some time now, and cost $50.

A physical GeForce Now gift card can be redeemed for either six months of Priority access or three months of RTX 3080 access, the latter unlocking streaming in up to 4K or 120fps. The physical GeForce Now gift cards ship in a special gift box that comes at no charge (for a limited time), and the shipping fee is just $2.95.

Nvidia explains:

With digital gift cards, NVIDIA makes it easy for anyone to give an upgrade to GeForce PC performance in the cloud at any time of the year. And just in time for the holidays, physical gift cards will be available as well. For a limited time, these new $50 physical gift cards will ship with a special GeForce NOW holiday gift box at no additional cost, perfect to put in someone’s stocking.

Alongside the new gift cards, GeForce Now is adding ten new games this week and still offering upgrades to the GeForce Now Priority tier for 40% off when upgrading to a six-month membership.

  • The Unliving (New release on Steam)
  • A LIttle to the Left (New release on Steam)
  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Free on Epic Games from Nov. 10-17)
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (Free on Epic Games from Nov. 10-17)
  • Yum Yum Cookstar (New release on Steam, Nov. 11)
  • Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 (Steam)
  • Heads Will Roll: Downfall (Steam)
  • Hidden Through Time (Steam)
  • The Legend of Tianding (Steam)
  • Railgrade (Epic Games)

Google starts handing out Stadia refunds

As its death date nears, Google is starting the process of handing out refunds for its Stadia cloud gaming platform. Refunds started arriving on Wednesday for Stadia Store purchases for many users, and will continue through the next couple of months.

Some users, though, have been experiencing issues with their refunds, including seeing their refunds go to Play Credit (mainly due to buying with Google Play gift cards) as well as negative Google Play Points. Our Kyle Bradshaw confirmed that Google is investigating the latter issue.

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