Android Update

Battery drain issue combined with charging issue after Android 13 update

I have a double whammy situation with my s22 ultra after the android 13 update.

My battery life has been cut drastically by about 60%. Currently I am losing about 40% of charge in one hour of use. Phone stays warm through the day. Only browsing the web and playing YouTube Music. As you can see with the screenshot the predicted battery life is ridiculously off from reality.

Also my phone won’t charge nearly as fast as before. Regular fast chargers can’t even keep up with the phone. It actually discharges while plugged in. I have to use super fast chargers to keep it charged.

I know the charge rate was reduced for all the chargers (not just excessive phone power use) because I have one of those digital charging cables on one charger that shows the charge rate in watts. It used to show 22 watts on a super fast charger. Now it shows only 9 watts on the same charger. Once in a while I’ll see it briefly bump to 15 watts but mostly at 9 and never at 22 where it used to be.

So I have both a massive battery drain problem in addition to the charge rate being cut drastically. All in all it makes the phone almost unusable. It constantly needs to be plugged in to be used.

I do not want to factory reset my device as it takes me days to get it set up the way I have it. Is there a way to fix my phone? Any advice is much appreciated.