Google is reintroducing battery percentage for Fitbit trackers and smartwatches to the redesigned Fitbit app. Version 4.04 of the app, which is now rolling out for iPhones via the Apple App Store, brings the feature. Android users should also soon get it with an update (the new version is not yet live on the Google Play Store).

Fitbit app now shows the battery percentage for connected devices

In September, Google rolled out a major redesign for the Fitbit app. It brought a UI overhaul along with some feature additions and shuffling. However, users didn’t like some of the changes the company made. Among those was the missing battery percentage tracker. The app only showed an approximation of the remaining battery level — like “Battery Full” — on the Devices page. You couldn’t check the exact battery percentage of a device.

After user backlash, Google said that it would bring back the feature. It is now rolling out for iPhone users. The latest version of the Fitbit app adds a new pill to the top-left corner of the screen that shows the battery percentage for the connected devices. As noted by 9to5Google, which first reported this update, the indicator turns red when the battery level is low, reminding you to charge it.

This update not only brings back the battery percentage but also makes it more readily available. The older Fitbit app, before the redesign, required you to swipe down in the Today tab to initiate a sync. Google’s idea was likely to declutter the UI as you won’t always check the battery level of a device through the app. If you needed to, the information was one swipe away.

Interestingly, Fitbit v4.04 for iOS also shows the battery percentage for the Pixel Watch 2. It’s unclear if Google intentionally added this feature. The previous version doesn’t have it, nor does the Android app. We will know for sure when the latest update is available for Android users. The rollout should begin soon.

A few more features are coming back

Along with the battery percentage, the redesigned Fitbit app removed the steps streak feature as well. Thankfully, Google is bringing it back soon. Previously iOS-only, it will now be available on Android too. The app is also adding celebrations for completing your daily step goal. Google may be working on dark mode support too. Watch this space for more updates on the ongoing overhaul of the Fitbit app.

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