Because the outdated picket ships had been boiled meals? In the end, the fireplace of such vessels is disastrous

The ages people traveled on the wooden ships. Stain resin, with a range of gunpowder reserves the holds that they had been extraordinarily flammable. Then again the fireside that they had been crucial – another way išvirsi foods?



If truth be told, the foods preparation was once now not even the biggest downside. The larger issues raised inside the food-preservation – after all, the refrigerator was once now not, and the ice was once now not available all the time. So meat and fish were salted, konservuojamos barrels. Merely pravertą static, you had to devour very quickly. First, in any case, had to devour perishable foods.

For breakfast the sailors ate džiuvėsius, for lunch – beans falling, for dinner – a little bit salted fish. Later proved to be potatoes, onions, rice. Water sailors rinkdavo rain inside of the kind of or make into dry land. For sure, the sailors all the time lacked vitamins, and the nutrition was once so poor that the sickness was once a day-to-day reality.

The hearth of the wooden ships were unwanted, then again each so continuously it was once crucial. First of all the scrap was once užkuriamas on open deck, not more than once a day. Hearth prižiūrėdavo plenty of of the sailors, and as briefly as it was once needless, the ash was once disposed of overboard, and ugniavietė really extensive laistoma water.

Closed kitchen began to spread best inside the seventeenth century. That they had been isolated bricks from all sides, the foods was once able pakabintame boiler. Over again, and then the foods was once able best when the sea is kind. 18-19 century has already been used in metal furnaces, which have been however uždaresnės and extra protected.

If truth be told, sailors įprasdavo devour smoked meat and fish, really extensive užgerdami cold foods rum (which is very loved the Caribbean pirates), or wine. Alcohol served as dezinfekcinė measure and there is also some recreational to help fail to remember enough monotoniškoje treadmill.

By the use of the best way wherein, cooking on board, and later was once no easy job. Smaller vessels very they rock the waves, so the potential for nusiplikyti scorching viralu is in point of fact superb. A very powerful military ship staff consists of hundreds of people (as an example, “Ford” elegance lėktuvnešyje area to about 6000 people), so foods preparation is numerous effort and method job requiring.

Wood, resin, stain vessels was once unhealthy – they the fireside was once undesirable(*19*)
©Gisling (CC BY-SA 3.0) |*19*)


Thus, foods preparation in out of date burlaiviuose was once a complicated art work. The hearth was once avoided, so as briefly as the outcome was once the example for the sailors sought, where permission to land.



Stabilize the kitchen equipment of the 20 th century the central board(*19*)
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