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Best Black Friday Apple TV deals

If you’re looking for a new Apple TV 4K, there’s never been a better time to buy. Apple just released a new model that’s substantially cheaper than the old one and stores are clearing out stock of the 2022 model as well. So Black Friday should be a fantastic time to save big on a new Apple TV 4K.

Black Friday 2022: The best early Apple TV 4K deals

Right now, the best Apple TV 4K deals are on the older models. They’ve been on sale for a few weeks, but we don’t expect them to go much lower.

Here are the best deals in the U.K., where you can get a small discount on the latest models by shopping with KRCS:

Black Friday 2022: Apple’s sale

Last year, Apple gave away $50 gift cards with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD purchases. We’re not sure if that’ll happen this year. For one, the Apple TV 4K only just arrived this month and Apple doesn’t usually include brand-new products in its Black Friday event. For another, the price of the Apple TV 4K is much lower this year ($129 and $149 vs $179 and $199), so a $50 gift card would be a hefty promotion. If the Apple TV 4K is included, the gift card offer will likely be $25.

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Black Friday 2022: Discounts at Amazon and other retailers

The latest Apple TV 4K has only been on shelves for a couple of weeks, so we don’t expect to see any major sales. Amazon is currently selling the 64GB model for $125 and the 128GB model for $145, both $4 off which isn’t much to speak of. Someone will probably offer a better sale than that over Black Friday, but we’d be surprised to see more than $15 or $20 off.

Apple TV 4K (2022), 64GB (Wi-Fi only), $129/£149



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Apple TV 4K (2022), 128GB (Wi-Fi & Ethernet), $149/£169



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