Over at Best Buy, they have discounted the 48-inch LG A2 OLED TV down to just $549. Effectively making it the cheapest OLED TV ever. This TV is currently $750 off of its regular price, and you’d be a fool not to pick this one up.

The 48-inch isn’t the only one on sale, so here’s how the other sizes shake out:

48-inch: $549 (reg. $1,299)

65-inch: $1,299 (reg. $1,599)

77-inch: $1,709 (reg. $1,799)

The 48-inch OLED TV is a really great TV to pick up, because it’s small enough that you can actually use it as a monitor on your desk. It’s still a bit large for that, but definitely better than a 55-inch model. Not to mention that it is an OLED TV, so you’re getting an incredible display here. Blacks are going to be darker, and that’s thanks to OLED lighting up individual pixels instead of being backlit and making those darker colors look more gray.

With this TV, LG has included the a7 gen 5 AI processor 4K. This helps to give you the best image possible. With more depth and rich colors thanks to the advanced processor. It is also able to upscale lower-resolution content to 4K. So even if you’re watching content that is 720p or even 1080p, it’ll still look like 4K, on this OLED TV. Which is a really nice feature to have.

LG’s A2 OLED also has webOS inside. Which has support for all of your favorite apps and games. That includes names like HBO MAX, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and so much more. There’s also nearly 300 free channels from LG, which has all sorts of free content available.

You can pick up this 48-inch LG A2 OLED TV from Best Buy today latest sale by clicking here. This sale won’t last long, so you’ll want to grab this before it is gone.

LG A2 OLED TV – Best Buy

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