Highest Raspberry Pi Pico Equipment and Upload-Ons 2021

When the Raspberry Pi Pico arrived in overdue January 2021, few realised simply how in style the $4 microcontroller would turn into. In a transfer which disrupted the established order, Raspberry Pi launched its personal microcontroller, the RP2040 and partnered with Arduino, Adafruit, Pimoroni and SparkFun to free up many alternative forums based totally round this chip.

Similar to with the common Raspberry Pi, a complete ecosystem of equipment has emerged, together with:

  • Upload on forums which hook up with the GPIO of the Pico and supply additional capability reminiscent of LCD monitors and RGB LEDs.
  • Shields / Bases that supply interfaces for additonal elements.
  • Expanders that supply additional GPIO pins to be used with more than one addons without delay.
  • All-in-one forums which breakout the Raspberry Pi Pico to a bigger shape issue that includes many further options no longer discovered at the Pico.

General, those are the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico equipment. It doesn’t matter what your wishes or undertaking, you’ll indisputably need a few of these.

The Highest Raspberry Pi Equipment You Can Purchase Lately


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1. Seeed Grove Protect

Simply construct your subsequent Pico undertaking with this board.


Simple to make use of

Tidy wiring

Grove elements are dearer

Now not all the GPIO pins are damaged out by means of Grove connectors

When finding out electronics and coding now we have quite a bit to tackle board, however what if shall we simplify the electronics a bit? Seeed’s Grove Protect, retailing for $4 has been designed to just do that. It supplies a sequence of Grove connectors, designed to paintings with Grove elements that we will merely attach the usage of the keyed connectors and get started development initiatives. 

Seeed’s universe of Grove elements contains dozens of goods, starting from microphones to thermal cameras and motor drivers. Grove works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico so your funding within the structure isn’t locked to only one device. If you have already got Grove elements and need to delve into the Raspberry Pi Pico, then the Seeed Grove Protect is a profitable funding.

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2. Pimoroni Pico Unicorn

A easy, however attractive LED matrix lighting up your Raspberry Pi Pico.

Simple to put in

Easy MicroPython library

Nice amusing to code

Blocks get admission to to the GPIO

Neopixels are a maker’s favourite approach to make issues “blink”. They are able to be any colour, keep in touch information or even be used to construct elementary video games. Pimoroni’s Pico Unicorn options 112 RGB LEDs and four push buttons all in a neat “pack” that matches to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi Pico.

The use of the Pico Unicorn will block get admission to to the GPIO, however it’s a must to admit, it seems to be nice. Programming the Pico Unicorn is imaginable by means of C/C++, MicroPython and CircuitPython.

The Pico Unicorn is one of the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico add-ons as a result of this can be a easy and mild creation to the usage of add-ons along with your Raspberry Pi Pico. The MicroPython module is simple and the fast effects will captivate the creativeness of keen coders.

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3. Pink Robotics Pico 2 Pi

This $6 board offers you the GPIO pins you’ll want.


Low value

Ease of use

Get admission to to hundreds of HATs

It is very important use the integrated reference card

Header pins too brief if used with detachable Pico

Probably the most easiest Raspberry Pi Pico equipment for maximizing your portions library, the Pink Robotics Pico 2 Pi permits you to use of equipment designed for the Raspberry Pi by means of offering the similar 40-pin GPIO structure you to find on common Raspberry Pis. Pico 2 Pi can be utilized with a floor soldered Pico, or with the not obligatory header to allow simple elimination of your Pico.

The Pico 2 Pi adaptor has the similar footprint as a Raspberry Pi 0 W and we will simply protected HATs and pHATs to the 40 pin GPIO and the M2.5. We examined Pico 2 Pi with a variety of forums and the better forums “simply labored”, however the extra advanced a board, the extra paintings there may be to make the instrument paintings.

In use, the Pico 2 Pi Adaptor is inconspicuous; it simply breaks out the Pico’s GPIO pins right into a Raspberry Pi suitable pinout. It isn’t a massively technical software, and that’s what we adore about it, a easy repair for a easy factor.

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4. Pimoroni Omnibus / Pico Decker

Amplify your Pico chances.

Use more than one upload ons with Pico


Conflicting GPIO pins

Pimoroni’s Omnibus (twin) and Pico Decker (quad) expanders are designed to paintings with Pimoroni’s “Pack” upload on forums, a few of that are top-of-the-line Raspberry Pi Pico equipment. If you wish to use more than one packs along with your Pico, those extenders are easy breakouts, with out a additional tech, simply the similar pins damaged out to more than one headers.

The simplicity of the Omnibus / Pico Decker does spotlight one factor; forums every now and then proportion GPIO pins and, if that’s the case, then chances are you’ll come upon problems. In case you are the usage of I2C or SPI, there are not any problems as those protocols use addresses to spot units. However for more effective connections, reminiscent of elementary virtual IO and forums that depend on PWM on sure pins, there will probably be tricky choices to be made.

The professionals a ways outweigh the cons and those expanders are crucial for operating with more than one packs, and for hacking the GPIO of a working software.


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5. Pimoroni Pico Show

An IPS display no higher than a pack of gum.

Low value

Simple to make use of

Crisp show

Lose get admission to to GPIO pins

It is a small IPS LCD display on a microcontroller no larger than a stick of gum; let that sink in! Pimoroni’s Pico Show is a 1.14 inch 240 x 135 pixel IPS LCD display flanked by means of four pushbuttons and a unmarried RGB LED. It connects to all 40 pins of the Raspberry Pi Pico’s GPIO however in truth it makes use of only some, so it might paintings nice with Pimoroni’s Omnibus and Pico Decker expanders.

Writing code for the Pico Show is by means of MicroPython or C/C++ and, for our exams, we wrote a easy undertaking to scroll textual content around the display, randomly converting the colour of the textual content and RGB to compare. We then added a couple of extra traces to learn enter from the buttons and cause other movements.

The MicroPython library is simple to make use of. Simply just remember to get a really feel for it sooner than developing a posh undertaking. The Pimoroni Pico Show comes pre-soldered and you’ll have a undertaking operating in only some mins. If you have an interest in rendering video and graphics along with your Raspberry Pi Pico, then the Pico Show is the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico add-on for the duty.

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6. Cytron Maker Pi Pico

The perfect strategy to construct your Raspberry Pi Pico initiatives.

Low value

Simple to make use of

Quite a lot of additional options

Inline LEDs

Grove connectors

ESP-01 wishes additional paintings

Spend simply $10 for a whole electronics finding out platform, together with a Raspberry Pi Pico? That’s the immense worth introduced by means of Cytron’s Maker Pi Pico and it’s why it’s one of the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico equipment that you’ll get. Embedded within the middle of the Maker Pi Pico is a Raspberry Pi Pico, and the encompassing board has pre-connected breakouts for each GPIO pin, many related to additional elements reminiscent of a microSD card reader, audio output / buzzer and a sequence of Grove connectors, the similar as the ones used on Seeed’s Grove Protect which permit speedy and easy digital circuit construction.

Programmable by means of C/C++, MicroPython or CircuitPython, the Maker Pi Pico is simple to paintings with and the plethora of embedded elements on be offering is fantastic. Of serious hobby in an ESP01 header used to attach an ESP8266 to the board for elementary WiFi. On the time of the evaluate, this interface was once nonetheless experimental however it sort of feels that the usage of some Arduino libraries, the Maker Pi Pico can now be a part of an IoT undertaking. Additional including to the price introduced by means of this nice board.

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7. Uctronics TinyML Finding out Equipment

System Finding out involves the Pico.

Easy directions

Fast effects

Suitable with many forums

Wishes C/C++ wisdom

Lens is unprotected

The Raspberry Pi Pico isn’t the very first thing that involves thoughts for System Finding out initiatives, however because of TinyML, designed for microcontrollers, the 133 MHz CPU of the Raspberry Pi Pico is able to elementary symbol popularity and, with the Uctronics TinyML Finding out Equipment, now we have a 2MP SPI digicam which can be utilized with a skilled style to spot gadgets and even folks.

In use, the 2MP digicam runs at 1 FPS which won’t sound like a lot however it’s round 10x sooner than an Arduino. System Finding out with the RP2040 processor is about to be a large factor and that’s why this package is one of the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico equipment.

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8. Pimoroni Pico RGB Keypad

The straightforward Pico powered Move Deck.

RGB keypad

Quiet buttons, helpful for streams

Rubbery buttons

Construction a Move deck with Raspberry Pi Pico is amazingly easy because of CircuitPython however wiring up the buttons will also be the sort of chore. Able-made answers reminiscent of Pimoroni’s Pico RGB Keypad supply a easy approach to succeed in our objectives. Offering 16 inputs, each and every with their very own RGB LED, this board calls for a Raspberry Pi Pico (offered one by one) and just a bit CircuitPython code to create a easy deck. The board will also be coded in MicroPython, however on the time of writing there is not any USB HID library to be had for that programming language.The Pico RGB Keypad comes as a package which is held in position with four screws. The Raspberry Pi Pico is on the a ways finish of the keypad, on display for all to look which is each a professional and con relying to your perspective.

As an affordable and simple to make use of Move Deck, the Pico RGB Keypad is a smart Raspberry Pi Pico accent. However for a bit more cash you’ll get the approaching Keybow 2040.


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9. Pimoroni Captain Resetti

Including the lacking characteristic on your Raspberry Pi Pico.




Must be soldered 

Every now and then the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico accent is the most straightforward and Captain Resetti is each a easy and inexpensive approach to an issue. When the Raspberry Pi Pico was once launched, there was once one lacking characteristic. A reset button.

How essential is the reset button? To flash new firmware (MicroPython / CircuitPython / C/C++) we wish to unplug the Pico, press and cling BOOTSEL then plug the Pico again into our device. Doing this regularly will upload put on and tear to the mechanical USB ports of the board.

Soldered between the RUN and GND pins, when pressed the button will motive the RUN pin to be pulled low and that during flip will gracefully prevent energy to the RP2040 chip. For $2 Captain Resetti is a should need to stay your Picos working for many years yet to come.


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10. Pimoroni Pico Explorer

Provides a display, buzzer, motor pressure and extra to Raspberry Pi Pico.

Neatly laid out

Excellent dimension

Quite a few options

Device library remains to be paintings in development

No mounting holes

The $30 Pimoroni Pico Explorer is an “embedded circuit experimental area” which provides a sequence of GPIO pins, a small LCD display, twin motor outputs and two breakouts suitable with Breakout Lawn forums. The function of the Pico Explorer Base is to be a spot for experimentation with digital elements, a function shared with the Explorer HAT vary of forums for the Raspberry Pi.

Our Raspberry Pi Pico sits proudly within the nook of the board, and we see a GPIO breakout for the GPIO pins of the Pico, and for the onboard DRV8833 motor controller, so sure you’ll construct a robotic with this board! The onboard LCD display is very similar to that discovered at the Pico Show, and it makes use of the similar instrument library. Two Breakout Lawn slots allow use of Pimoroni’s breakout forums, necessarily I2C / SPI forums designed to “simply paintings” with the board.

The additional value of the Pico Explorer as opposed to Cytron’s Maker Pi Pico is justified given the motor controller, display and breakouts. In case you are simply beginning with the Raspberry Pi Pico, the Pico Explorer is one of the most productive Raspberry Pi Pico equipment that can develop as your talents do.

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11. Pimoroni Pico Wi-fi

A more effective possibility so as to add Wi-Fi on your Pico

Easy to attach


CiruitPython toughen

MicroPython library wishes a bit paintings

Blocks get admission to to all GPIO pins

The Raspberry Pi is lacking one key characteristic, Wi-Fi and whilst we will Mod our personal answer the usage of a Feather board designed for Adafruit’s Feather RP2040. It’s not the smartest of approaches. Pimoroni’s Pico Wi-fi is a “pack”, designed to glue to all 40 pins of the GPIO as though it had been a backpack. This does save you get admission to to the GPIO, however we acquire 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, micro SD card reader, RGB LED and a consumer programmable button.

Pimoroni supply a MicroPython module which allows elementary use of the board, however the usage of CircuitPython is the place we noticed the largest go back on our funding. We had been quickly pulling information from far flung APIs and the usage of them in our Pico powered initiatives.

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