Large Clive Hacks LED Bulbs with OpenSCAD

After by accident crushing the plastic envelope on an inexpensive LED gentle bulb, [bigclivedotcom] found out he may make customized ones the use of OpenSCAD in any form he needs. He prior to now hacked a host of those reasonably priced LED bulbs final month, finding all of them shared a equivalent circuit topology. All of the ones he experimented with drove the LEDs exhausting, one thing that’s certain to cut back bulb lifetime. Via opposite engineering the present keep watch over regulator, it seems it’s simple to regulate the pressure present via converting a resistor or two. Lowering the present must now not best building up lifetime, however may permit repurposing the bulb for different makes use of, comparable to ornamental lighting fixtures.

(*2*)(*10*)Tweaking the LED Present

3 OpenSCAD scripts are supplied which generate what he calls diamond, obelisk, and globe kinds. Fundamental parameters for each and every taste may also be tweaked via the person, comparable to function sizes and selection of sides. He mentions the loss of OpenSCAD customizers in his script — it will simply be added as proven within the following instance (this phase of the Consumer Guide on customizers explains the syntax). Be aware that you’ll be able to’t make the slider generate actual numbers, best complete numbers, which is why the scaling issue is multiplied via 10.

Including Parameter Customization Sliders is Simple

Those fancy globes can be utilized as night time lighting fixtures and in all probability outside lighting fixtures, if you’ll be able to make a just right seal with the bottom. Customized chandeliers, somebody? Indicator lamps for extraordinarily massive panels? Another concepts? If you wish to discover the LED lifetime factor additional, inveterate tinkerer Ted Yapo wrote a deep dive into the legendary 100,000 hour LED bulb. Due to [Cliff Claven] for the end.

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