If you’re looking to pick up a new tablet, then Black Friday is definitely a good time to do just that. There’s a ton of great tablet deals available for Samsung, Lenovo, Apple and even Amazon tablets. Which is what we’ll be rounding up in this post.

Like with many of the other Black Friday roundups we have done, this will be updated periodically until Black Friday. So you can be sure that you’re getting the best tablet deals possible.

Black Friday 2023 Tablet Deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – $949 (reg. $1,099)
OnePlus Pad – $399 (reg. $479)
Apple iPad (10th Gen) – $399 (reg. $449)
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) – $999 (reg. $1,539)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Current price: $949
Regular price: $1,099
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a monster-sized tablet. This tablet has a 14.6-inch display, which is an OLED panel so it looks incredible, but it is incredibly large too. Making this more of a laptop replacement then a tablet. This isn’t a tablet you’re going to hold for a long time and use. Instead you’ll have it on a tablet or maybe in your lap. But it is still my favorite tablet, because it is so incredible for watching content, due to that OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – Best Buy

OnePlus Pad

Current price: $399
Regular price: $479
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The OnePlus Pad is a pretty incredible tablet for the price. As we mentioned in our review earlier this year, this is a great experience at a pretty low price. And now for Black Friday it is even cheaper. Making this a really incredible time to grab the OnePlus Pad, especially since it will be getting support for Open Canvas in the coming months.

OnePlus Pad – Amazon

Apple iPad (10th Generation)

Current price: $399
Regular price: $449
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This is the newest “basic” iPad from Apple, since they surprisingly did not release a new one in 2023. This got the huge upgrade, which makes the bezels a lot smaller, ditches the home button for gestures, and also goes to USB-C. Thankfully, it can now use the new USB-C Apple Pencil instead of using that Lightning version from many years ago. It’s a good tablet to pick up for your kids, or yourself, if you just need a tablet and nothing super fancy.

Apple iPad (10th Gen) – Amazon


Current price: $95
Regular price: $189
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This is a pretty small tablet from TCL, and it’s pretty cheap too. Making it perfect for kids, seeing as it is under $100. That means that if your kid breaks it, you won’t be too mad. Or at least not as mad as if it where a $300 or $500 tablet. It does all of the basics, and comes with a micro SD card slot for added storage.

TCL TAB 10s – Amazon

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving, which this year, lands on November 24, 2023. In previous years, before the pandemic, stores would open up on Thursday evening to start Black Friday shopping. That’s becoming less of a thing, with more and more stores opting to stay closed on Thanksgiving, letting their employees spend the holiday with their families.

It’s not quite as big of an in-store event as it used to be, prior to the pandemic. Especially with online shopping being so easy these days. However, Black Friday sales are starting earlier and earlier than ever. They used to truly start the Tuesday or Wednesday before Black Friday. Now we see some retailers starting their Black Friday sales back in October. A full month ahead of the event.

Black Friday is the true start to the holiday shopping season, with Cyber Monday happening the following Monday and then Small Business Tuesday the next day. The following Monday we have “Green Monday” as well, which is another smaller shopping holiday.

What is the Best Tablet?

We have tested many different tablets throughout the years, and spent hundreds of hours using them. So we can confidently say that the best Android tablet is the Galaxy Tab S9 series, and the best iPad is the iPad Pro 11-inch.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series is the best because it offers an OLED display across three screen sizes (11-, 12.4- and 14.6-inch) so you can choose which one fits you best. They also all come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, making them super powerful tablets and capable of even replacing your laptop.

On the iPad side of things, the best iPad is the iPad Pro 11-inch. While the 12.9-inch does have a significantly better display, it’s a bit unwieldily to use. And the 11-inch is a much better experience. It offers a 120Hz display, with the M2 processor which is the same chipset that powers the Mac right now. So it’s plenty powerful, and you can even use Final Cut Pro X on the iPad which is really exciting.

How do we choose the Best Black Friday Tablet Deals?

Here at AndroidHeadlines, we believe that the best Black Friday deals are only as good as the products that are on sale. Meaning that just because something is discounted, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. We generally only post about products that are close to all-time lows, or are all-time lows, or have been discounted significantly for the first time in a long time. So you won’t find us posting “deals” Just because a laptop shaved $100 off of the regular price. Those have been posted because they generally don’t go on sale, or are generally not discounted that much.

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