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Build 19045,2251, kb5019959 out to Windows 10 public release.

Difference between Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10240 and the Windows 10 Public Release build 10240?

Whats the basic difference between the supposedly RTM build 10240 of
Windows 10 released on July 15 and the public release of the same build. Currently, I have the Insider Preview build 10240 installed in my system, installed on June 15. I had not received any public release update July 29 onwards.
But under update settings, I can still see an option for Opting to Insider Preview build. What I think is public release builds should never recommend anyone to try out Insider Preview build and that too with Fast ring and Slow ring option. Hence the doubt
that the build which is currently installed in my system is not the public release build. Can someone clarify my doubt?