Building the Most High-Tech Pond in the Neighborhood

What do you call to mind while you pay attention the phrase pond? Should you’re like most of the people, it inspires photographs of a easy water-filled hollow within the flooring, perhaps with a couple of fish added in for just right measure. However no longer [Anders Johansson] — his pond is a technical surprise, using extra distinctive items of {hardware} and tool(*(*16*)*) than most of the extra conventional tasks that experience graced those tasks through the years.

Actually, that is one of the ones tasks this is so grand in scope that any abstract we put up right here merely can’t do it justice. The aptly-named Poseidon challenge is constructed up of a number of modular elements, starting from an automatic fish feeder to an array of sensors to watch the situation of the water itself. What number of different ponds can put up their present water stage, pH, and oxygen saturation over MQTT?

(*1*)The ESP8266 fish feeder is simply one part of Poseidon

[Anders] has supplied schematics, three-D fashions, and supply code for all of the more than a few techniques constructed into the pond, however the documentation is the place this challenge in reality shines. Every module has it’s personal detailed write-up, which must give you greater than sufficient steerage must you need to recreate or remix what he’s put in combination. Despite the fact that you utilize most effective one or two of the modules he’s put in combination, you’ll nonetheless be forward of the sport in comparison to the chumps who need to handle their pond the old-fashioned means.

Previously we’ve noticed tasks that tackled one of the vital particular person parts [Anders] has evolved, equivalent to three-D revealed fish feeders(*(*16*)*), however after looking in the course of the archives we will’t in finding the rest that’s even part as bold as Poseidon. A minimum of, no longer for ponds. It reminds us extra of a extremely complex aquaponics setup(*(*16*)*), and we wonder whether that may not be a conceivable spin-off of the core challenge at some point.