Can not relocate “Image” folder to unique position

Folder safety after relocating consumer folders


I’ve a C-drive (gadget) and a D-drive (knowledge).

When I set up Home windows 10, I transfer consumer folders to my D-drive via relocating the Paperwork, Footage, Movies and so forth. folders inside of Homes|Location. This appears to be an respectable serve as inside of Home windows.

Then again, via the use of this Home windows function the safety is inherited from the D-drive, so the safety is unsuitable after the folder transfer. This leads to all customers receiving get admission to to all folders.


    (*10*)is there an respectable Home windows function for transferring your entire Consumer-folder to the D-drive with a unmarried motion (as a substitute of transferring all subfolders?

    (*10*)Is there a option to stay the unique safety settings for the Consumer-folders as a substitute of inheriting them from the D-drive?

Thank you prematurely,


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