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Can’t get out of Bootloop

Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL in Bootloop after trying to reset the device using WDRT 3.11.34101

Hi everyone,

I have an Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL from T-Mobile which has been participating in the Insider Preview program. Today the device only showed a black screen after the Alcatel Onetouch logo when attempting to boot. It was on the latest insider preview. It
would not boot to the Windows 10 OS. I tried resetting it via the phone button combination but it still would not boot. As a last option, I tried using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. I pressed the Power Button and Volume Up button to bring the device into
flash mode. It downloaded the firmware 1078.30.01510.23301 and installed it but then the device is now in bootloop. Previously it was just a black screen after the Alcatel Onetouch logo and now it is in a bootloop.

I did noticed something which may be the reason of the bootloop. In the T-Mobile website, in the Software Update page for this device here: Tutorials | T-Mobile Support
It lists 1078.41.01530.54500 as the firmware, but the recovery tool downloaded
1078.30.01510.23301. Could this be the reason as to why I’m having bootloops? Should the Windows Device Recovery tool download the latest firmware listed on the T-Mobile page? Or did it downloaded a generic firmware instead of the T-Mobile
firmware? I noticed that for the Alcatel S4 I can choose either T-Mobile or “Open Market”, but for the Fierce XL, which I have, it doesn’t let me choose the carrier and goes directly to the firmware download page, which leds me to believe that it is downloading
either a generic firmware or an old T-Mobile firmware.

Any help is appreciated.