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Can’t hear anything as soon as I open Doom Eternal on the Xbox app on Win10. What can I do?

Doom Eternal On Windows 10 from Microsoft Store


I don’t own an Xbox one, only a Windows 10 gaming laptop. Sorry, I should have made this clearer from the start.

Sea of thieves is installed on the laptop.

My friend tells me that he was sure that he bought me the Windows 10 version of Doom Eternal.

So, it looks like my friend has bought me the Xbox one version of Doom Eternal? If I owned an Xbox One and downloaded Doom Eternal to the Xbox One I could then play it on my Windows 10 gaming laptop via the Xbox app?

But as I don’t own an Xbox One (just the WIn10 laptop) I won’t be able to play this copy of Doom Eternal on my Windows 10 laptop?

Have I understood all this correctly now?

Many thanks for your help Wilfredo!

Kind regards.