Error 504 Gateway timeout, what is it and how do you resolve

Some of the HTTP standing codes 5xx (Server Error), a distinguished position is occupied via the’error 504 Gateway Timeout. On this article we can analyze intimately the reasons and imaginable answers to this irritating downside.

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When the mistake happens 504 HTTP Gateway timeout?

The mistake 504 HTTP Gateway timeout is a slightly commonplace mistake that happens when the applying of the far off, which used to be contacted via the customer, used to be no longer ready to provide its output inside the most time established.

The central phrase within the error 504 time-out: in observe, this mistake happens on account of an over the top slowness – on the degree of the community, server or different – that forestalls the customer show the output of far off useful resource request. Spent unnecessarily and the utmost ready time, the web-server is contacted, no longer having the ability to serve the output of the script will display the person an error web page to tell her or him of the incident.

Error 504 and most execution time

The most execution time is the anticipated prohibit at quite a lot of ranges and designed to maintain the correct functioning of any pc gadget. This prohibit may also be set on the degree of the community, web-server, and, with some boundaries, may also be custom designed via builders to the extent of a person script.

Continues after the commercial…

The success, with out luck, the utmost wait time is the reason for the mistake 504 Gateway timeout.

Other wording for the mistake 504

Theerror 504 isn’t all the time offered with the similar message.

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Other server and other shoppers, in truth, may end up in the show of a lot of indicators. See, beneath, the commonest:

  • Error 504
  • HTTP Error 504
  • HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout
  • 504 Gateway Time-Out
  • NGINX 504 Gateway Timeout
  • Gateway Timeout Error
  • 504 Error
  • Gateway Timeout (504)
  • 504 Gateway Time-out The server did not reply in time

As an alternative choice to those messages, it is usually imaginable that the mistake 504 is provide, merely, as a white display without a textual content or caution.

The reasons of error 504

The reasons of error 504 may also be a lot of and will happen at quite a lot of ranges, each at community degree and on the degree of the web-server. Debug a error 504 isn’t all the time simple, because of this it turns out to be useful to grasp the imaginable reasons that may generate it for you so you’ll be able to make the precise check.

Commonplace reasons of error 504 are other relying at the context. Let’s have a look at probably the most common eventualities.

Problems associated with Cloudflare or CDN

If you’re the use of Cloudflare or a CDN (Content material Supply Community) the reasons of the mistake 504 may just no longer be connected to our web site nor, to our internet hosting. On this case, in truth, the reasons of the mistake 504 might be to look in:

  • issues associated with the DNS;
  • Community issues;
  • no issues at the server of the CDN in use.

It’s smartly to bear in mind, in truth, that this sort of carrier stands between the customer and our web-server performing as a “diaphragm”. This kind of construction, subsequently, could also be matter to mistakes of kind 504 when a topic community (or DNS), which prevents, as an example, to the server, Cloudflare or CDNS in use to touch the real web-server on that are hosted in our utility.

Problems associated with our web-server

Incessantly the reasons of error 504 gateway timeout are to be discovered internally, particularly on the degree of your individual server or your packages. To make it easy: the mistake 504 happens when the web-server isn’t ready to procedure the customer request in excellent time.

This will happen for a lot of causes:

  • the web-server is gradual or overloaded;
  • the applying calls for extra assets (e.g. RAM or CPU) than the ones to be had within the gadget;
  • the applying isn’t ready to get admission to far off assets which can be indispensable for the needs of its execution (reminiscent of, as an example, XML record or database);
  • the applying makes complicated queries to the database which takes an excessive amount of time to give you the knowledge based on the question;
  • the applying wishes extra time to do all of his paintings (suppose, as an example, a script that carry out imports of huge volumes of knowledge).

Issues because of Bots or DoS assaults

Problems in most cases appropriate to generate the mistake 504 gateway timeout are theover the top presence of Bots or assaults of the kind DoS or DDoS. The outcome of both match is identical: the web-server is overloaded with requests and is not ready to accomplish its duties within the anticipated time.

How you can repair the mistake 504?

The solution of an error 504 might be specifically tough and sophisticated as it’s to spot a programming error however, what’s a lot more complicated, figuring out the reason for a slowdown (which isn’t essentially because of “unhealthy programming”).

See, beneath, a plan of intervention that can turn out efficient for the solution of the mistake 504.

  1. If you’re the use of a CDN could also be helpful to briefly disable it.
  2. If you’re the use of Cloudflare, sadly, there’s no fast technique to disable it (Cloudflare is a carrier this is totally proxy) however there’s, on the other hand, a easy technique to perceive at which degree the issue happens: the “trick” is to concentrate on the mistake display…

Guida completa all'errore 504 Gateway timeout

  1. As soon as excluded, on the other hand, that the reason is in any CDN or Cloudflare, it is important to examine on the degree of our internet hosting and our utility. The very first thing to do is to check out the log to spot any anomalies in get admission to: to take action, it can be helpful to make use of a log analyzer reminiscent of AWStats to test that there aren’t any flows “extraordinary” site visitors coming from international international locations or from person agent suspicious. If this is the case, you could be dealing with an issue associated with DoS assaults (by which case it is important to tell your internet hosting supplier) or to an enormous inflow of Bots (on this case, I recommend the studying of this newsletter is devoted to the countermeasures to deal with the Unhealthy Bots).
  2. Excluding the overload because of anomalies within the site visitors we can examine the interior of their very own packages and, if vital, of the configuration of the web-server.

Establish issues associated with packages and their execution occasions

The very first thing to do, to analyze on this path, you view the log for any mistakes. Throughout theerror log, in truth, it can be imaginable to seek out issues of inquiry from which to begin. Evetuali programming mistakes, in truth, could also be the reason – direct or oblique – of the mistakes 504.

If in case you have get admission to to the configuration of the internet server, it is usually imaginable to combine methods of logging directly to the precise to spot the script of “gradual”. If you’re the use of PHP-FPM, as an example, it’s imaginable to interfere within the configuration via uncommenting the directives slowlog and request_slowlog_timeout:

; The log record for gradual requests
; Default Price: no longer set
; Observe: slowlog is obligatory if request_slowlog_timeout is ready
;slowlog = log/$pool.log.gradual ; The timeout for serving a unmarried request and then a PHP backtrace will probably be
; dumped to the 'slowlog' record. A worth of '0s' method 'off'.
; To be had gadgets: s(econds)(default), m(inutes), h(ours), or d(can pay)
; Default Price: 0
;request_slowlog_timeout = 0

In Apache you’ll be able to usemod_log_config to set customized log with which you hint the execution time of the script. For instance, you’ll be able to outline a customized log via including this line to the record http.conf:

LogFormat ""%r" %D" measure-time

Within the VirtualHost you want so as to add a remark like this:

CustomLog logs/access_log_time measure-time

Through doing so, you are going to have a formidable software to spot the scripts that generate, or may just generate mistakes of kind 504.

To resolve the issues of the slowness of the packages that reason the mistake 504

After getting recognized the script to be in charge of the incidence of Mistakes 504 you will have to perceive what sort of operations they carry out. The perhaps explanation for the slowness is identical on the subject of interfacing with a database. If the relationship with the far off database is simply too gradual you want to touch your internet hosting supplier, if the relationship is speedy, however the reaction occasions of the DBMS are lengthy, on the other hand, the mistake 504 might be because of an over the top choice of queries, or the so-called gradual question (with the time period “gradual question” refers to queries, complicated and articulated and that, as such, they require a large number of time to generate a outcome set).

Within the presence of those issues could also be helpful to believe an improve of your internet hosting plan (or database if bought as a separate carrier) or, however, touch the developer of the script on the finish to invite for an optimization.

Get to the bottom of the mistake 504 in WordPress

If theerror 504 Gateway time-out happens in a web site made with WordPress , the very first thing to do is, after all, within the mode of debugging. To take action you’re performing inside the record wp-config.php via including (or editing) the next directions:

outline( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
outline( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
outline( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

If you can’t establish the mistake, it can be helpful to disable the entire plugins and reactivate them one at a time via appearing a check after every activation of the plugin. After getting recognized the plugin “in charge” will have the ability to make a decision if rinunicare to the plugin, both seek for selection or touch the developer and ask for help.

It can be helpful, with a purpose to “save” precious gadget assets, disable all non-essential services and products (such because theheartbeat, XMLRPC, pingbak and trackback, the cron, and many others).

If all interventions don’t result in the specified effects it can be vital to believe an improve of your internet hosting plan and/or the assets of your server, as, almost definitely, the issue is expounded to an inflow of site visitors too huge for the assets to be had.

Get to the bottom of the mistake 504 via expanding the utmost execution time

A way to the mistake 504 might be to build up the utmost execution time of the script. It’s obtrusive that this answer may also be pursued best in outstanding instances: every on-line utility must be speedy and reply in an affordable time, subsequently the elevating of those occasions is imaginable best within the presence of the script is especially complicated, and in eventualities by which ready occasions are very lengthy could also be appropriate to the top person (that is the case, as an example, a upkeep script, or import knowledge).

With reference to the packages within the PHP most execution time is ready, via default, 30 seconds. When the script fails to be concluded inside of this vary of time, the server will go back the mistake 504 to the customer.

This prohibit is modifiable via performing at the directive max_execution_time within the record php.ini. For instance, think you wish to have to set the utmost time in one minute:

max_execution_time = 60

Additionally, builders can, if vital, to behave at the most period of time at once within the supply code in their scripts. To take action, simply insert, in the beginning of the code, this remark:

ini_set('max_execution_time', 60); // 60 seconds


The solution of problems associated with the mistake 504 seems slightly complicated because it calls for critiques and audits at a couple of ranges. The improve of the internet hosting carrier could also be the way to the issue when the mistake is decided via a deterioration of the efficiency of the web-server on account of an over the top inflow of site visitors, or via loss of computational assets or reminiscence. In all different instances it’s preferable to a cautious and scrupulous investigation with a purpose to establish the reasons of the issue and take the precise countermeasures.