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How to Change the Speed of an Animation in PowerPoint

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If you have got an animation for your PowerPoint presentation that’s transferring just a bit too gradual (or too rapid), you’ll be able to regulate the velocity of the animation to compare your required timing. Here’s the way it’s executed.

First, choose the item for your slide that comprises the animation. If you haven’t already assigned one on your object, you’ll be able to accomplish that by means of settling on one of the numerous choices within the “Animation” staff of the “Animations” tab. We’ll assign our symbol the “Grow & Turn” animation.

Grow and turn animation

By default, the length of the animation is ready to one 2d. You can take a look at a preview of the animation by means of settling on “Preview” within the a long way left of the “Animations” tab.

Preview option

Now that you simply’ve noticed the animation, it’s time to regulate the velocity. Still within the “Animations” tab, head over to the “Timing” staff. Here, you’ll see the “Duration” choice. As we discussed, you’ll realize that it’s recently set for one 2d. Adjust the length (by means of 0.25 2d increments) by means of settling on the up and down arrows within the length field. Alternatively, simply kind the period of time within the field.

adjust the length of the animation

Now, while you play the animation, it’ll play out on the set length.

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As a pleasing little apart, you probably have more than one animations and feature set them to begin therefore by means of settling on the “After Previous” get started choice, you’ll be able to regulate the timing at which the following animation is performed. To accomplish that, regulate the “Delay” choice (00.00 by means of default) to the required period of time. This choice could also be adjusted at 0.25 2d increments.

adjust delay

Once the primary animation performs out, the next animation will start within the set period of time.