Samsung Galaxy M01 Running Android 10 Appears on Wi-Fi Alliance Certification

Samsung Galaxy A01

We have been one of the primary publications to spot the unannounced, Samsung Galaxy M01 smartphone on Geekbench. And that also is after we got here to understand in regards to the life of the tool. Now, we’ve noticed the two variants of the Galaxy M01 at the Wi-Fi Alliance certification web site. And what does it disclose? Well, learn beneath to determine.

Samsung Galaxy M01 Passes Through Wi-Fi Alliance

The first certification that we’ve got noticed displays that it if for a Samsung smartphone with fashion quantity SM-M015F/DS, while, the second one certification that we’ve got noticed is for a Samsung smartphone with fashion quantity SM-M015G/DS, which, going via their fashion numbers, are other variants of the Galaxy M01 smartphone. Currently, we don’t seem to be positive what’s the distinction between each the variants. Our best possible bet? Well, each variants may well be for various international locations.

Anyway, the listings of each the variants disclose that the Galaxy M01 has single-band, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi b/g/n and that the smartphone runs at the Android 10 running device. Now, going via the fashion identify, we already know that the Galaxy M01 goes to be an entry-level, finances smartphone. However, what additional confirms our speculations is that the smartphone has single-band Wi-Fi, which is simplest present in entry-level mobiles. If it have been a mid-range or a high-end smartphone, it could have packed dual-band Wi-Fi ac/b/g/n.

What we will additionally verify via this checklist is that the Galaxy M01 could have an entry-level chipset. And how is that? Well, any mid-range or a high-end chipset would have presented dual-band Wi-Fi ac/b/g/n however the Galaxy M01 gives simplest single-band Wi-Fi b/g/n, which is the case with virtually all entry-level SoCs. What is a reduction this is that the Galaxy M01, regardless of being an inexpensive smartphone, has an Android 10 running device. Anyway, this is all we will inform you in regards to the Galaxy M01 nowadays other people. Stay tuned to understand extra.